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A description for the uploaded file. For utilities, please be sure to fill this out. If the description is written by the file's author, and not a third party please wrap it in quotation marks.

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Choose the intended configuration for playing the upload in the browser. If this upload cannot be ran with Zeta, select "Incompatible with Zeta". For the majority of ZZT worlds `ZZT v3.2 (Registered)` is the correct choice.

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An alternate location to acquire this file. The link should lead to an active page where the file can be downloaded not a direct link to the hosted file. The URL should direct to a webpage with an official release by the file's author, not an alternative ZZT archive, the Internet Archive, or any unmaintained webpage.

The type of webpage this file is hosted on. This is used to determine an icon to display when selecting an alternate download source.

For non-Itch download sources only. On the file's downloads page, the text entered here will be prefixed with "Hosted on".

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Select a ZZT file whose title screen will be used for the world's preview image. Leave set to 'Automatic' to use the oldest file in the zip file. This image may be changed during publication.

Notes for staff to read before publication such as special instructions before publishing. While not visible to users on the site directly, consider anything entered in this field to be public.

New uploads are automatically shared to the Discord of ZZT's announcements channel. You may choose to not announce the upload. The upload will still appear publically in the upload queue and on RSS feeds.