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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL 2.ZZT (Untitled) Unknown Trippy Unknown
DL Abandoned Games asiekierka Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Animation Power Unknown Cinema Unknown
DL AOL Compilation Various Compilation Unknown
DL Arcade BBS Remainders Various Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Banana Quest Trailer WiL Demo Unknown
DL BladeWare Magazine #1 JAM1013 Magazine Unknown
DL Bob Shaun100 Action Unknown
DL Busted Geno201 Action Unknown
DL Campaign Against SZZT Timcomput Help Unknown
DL Captain Cosmo: The Interactive Galactic Story Erik Sagen E&M Productions Adventure, Demo, Sci-Fi Unknown
DL City of the Stupid 1 Bongo79 Bongosoft Adventure Unknown
DL The City of ZZT Tim Preager Preager Software Adventure Unknown
DL A Collection of Games Jeff Wiles Buggy Software Minigame Unknown
DL Cool Mazes 2 Chris Palm Maze Unknown
DL Cool Stuff Unknown Adventure, Compilation Unknown
DL Court Or Die Jack1032 Adventure Unknown
DL Cursed Cammy Leamas 24HoZZT Unknown
DL Cyborg Squad JDewbre Arcade, Engine, Maze Unknown
DL Danger Room Unknown Action Unknown
DL Dargon's Secret Castle DirkVW Adventure Unknown
DL The Dark Woods Chocko208 Action, Adventure Unknown
DL Dark World DarkEagle8 Adventure, Incomplete Unknown
DL DarkMage Software Magazine 1-14 DarkMage DarkMage Software Magazine Unknown 4.00
DL The Diversions THMiles IDKFASoft Action, Minigame Unknown
DL DOOT.ZZT (Untitled) Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL Dr. Zeebo's Mystic Quest (v2.5) Darren Hewer Action, Puzzle Unknown
DL Dragon I give up Adventure Unknown
DL The Dragon of Gretopy Village Paul Smart Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Story Unknown
DL Dungeon Guru Nostalgia KKairos Vision Tech Dungeon Unknown
DL Facility Alek Fleischer Action, Adventure, Incomplete, Puzzle, Sci-Fi Unknown
DLs… Faux Amis (v1.01) Rabbitboots Glorious Trainwrecks Adventure, Puzzle Unknown
DL The Four Seasons Revival (earlier v1.x) Ringworm Adventure, Remake Unknown
DL Game Pak (Bladeware) Bladeware Minigame Unknown
DL Going Down Jeff Parkes Adventure Unknown
DL Goosebumps GAMEBOYJBF Action Unknown
DL Greg's Vill Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL Hamsters Steve Syckes Adventure, Incomplete Unknown
DL Hunter (Original) Lash Adventure Unknown
DL IDKFA #1 ("ZZT Games") THMiles IDKFASoft Magazine Unknown
DL IDKFA #2 ("Hardcore ZZT") THMiles IDKFASoft Magazine Unknown
DL The Imperial Wars J. Miller Miller-soft Entertainment Adventure, Parody, Shooter Unknown
DL Into the Maelstrom Part I: Dry Gulch Whizzard Adventure Unknown
DL Into the Maelstrom Part II: Hardpoint on Remulo II Whizzard Adventure Unknown
DL Island of Jerks 1 Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy Unknown
DL Island of Jerks 2: I Might be Crazy (Preview) Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demo Unknown
DL Island of Jerks 3: Not Again (A Musical) (Preview) Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demo Unknown
DL Jack Adventures Presents: Be Careful Where You Step! jack2496 Action Unknown
DL Jail Jason Britain Unknown
DL Jet Adventure 1+2 Morphman Eyedolsoft Action, Shooter Unknown
DL Joel's World 1-6 Joel Smith Adventure Unknown
DL The Journey of Béner and Boo Thanos81 Adventure, Incomplete Unknown
DL Jungle Greg Miller Adventure Unknown
DL The King of ZZT John Reef Action, Adventure Unknown 3.00
DL Kobold Quest Unknown RPG Unknown
DL Kudzu clysm Adventure Unknown 4.69
DL Land O' Fun Jon Peakman Adventure Unknown
DL Lawn Man Unknown Action Unknown
DL Learn Your ZZT's Unknown Help Unknown
DL Llama Masters 3 Scott Hammack Action, Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Parody Unknown
DL Looky THIS!! Kewlio Action, Help Unknown
DL Madtom Balls III: Balls in Time Fungahhh Comedy, Explicit Unknown 3.50
DL Mario Bros: The Case of the Missing Mario Thala 1 (Aaron Decker) Wonderware Adventure Unknown
DL Marvel vs DC Collection T-800 DGGWare Action Unknown
DL Maze Craze (v1) Aaron Linne Mimic Pub Action Unknown
DL Maze Mania David Schneider Maze Unknown
DL Mega ZZT Tools for mega ZZT Proggramers AndrewT Toolkit Unknown
DL Mission R billtcm Action, Adventure Unknown
DL Monkey Man Gabriel, Sarah Action, Adventure Unknown
DL Mystery Manor Alan R. Zeman Action, Official Unknown
DL Mystical Winds Encyclopedia v1.4 (Original Upload, Restored) Nanobot Mystical Winds Engine, Utility Unknown
DL The Nuke Plant Unknown Action Unknown
DL Oh What a Day Leamas 24HoZZT, Contest Unknown
DL Omega Lock Masamune Utility Unknown
DL One Day At School Alex Arrowsmith Adventure Unknown
DL Parker World Parker Marcotte Other Unknown
DL Personal ZZT Worlds Neil C. Obremski Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Pete the Pirate(V.1.1) Steven Wade Action, Adventure Unknown
DL Pizza Man (v2.5) Scott Hammack Adventure Unknown
DL Power ZZT Unknown Catalog, Magazine Unknown
DL PQ 1 Lax18 Action Unknown
DL Prison [no] Darkfame Action, Adventure, Non-English Unknown
DL Puzzles Pyro184 Puzzle Unknown
DL The Pyrosoft Magazine Joshua Hoffmaster Pyrosoft Magazine Unknown
DL Read This #1 Richard Goodness KerSoft Magazine Unknown
DL Read This #2 Richard Goodness KerSoft Magazine Unknown
DL Read This #3 Richard Goodness KerSoft Magazine Unknown
DL The Rest of: The Northern Samoan War! ZZTrash Adventure Unknown
DL Rings of Power Josh Bovia Action Unknown
DL Room of MAGUS _MAGUS_ Adventure Unknown
DL Run Run Devin Holl Action Unknown
DL The Samoan War ZZTrash Adventure Unknown
DL School Adventure Unknown Action Unknown
DL Scott's Town Scott Howard Action Unknown
DL The Search For Irv! ZZTrash Adventure Unknown
DL The Search for the Ancient John Hoelle Highway Warrior Productions Adventure Unknown
DL The Search for the Lost Brother series Paul Smart Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Puzzle, Random, Story Unknown
DL SF Mag Advertisement Sean Fitz Advertisement Unknown
DL SIN Flimsy Parkins Maze Unknown
DL Smart series Paul Smart Adventure, Comedy, Compilation, Incomplete, Puzzle, Random Unknown
DL Snowballs Chris Jong Arcade Unknown 3.50
DL Sonic the Hedgehog ZZT Blast OrangeFox Action, Adventure, Platformer Unknown 4.00
DL Space Slug Unknown Action, Sci-Fi Unknown
DL Space Station ZZT Jesse Chang, Jerry Hsu Adventure Unknown
DL The Space Way Unknown Action Unknown
DL star craze Wiki Action, Arcade Unknown
DL Star Wars: The Mission on Frandoria Lord 39 SW Software Adventure Unknown
DL The Strange Mystery Of The Oof-Da! LARRYXXXXX ButtSoft(tm) Comedy Unknown
DL Stupid RPG II (Demo) Knightt Comedy, Demo, RPG Unknown
DL Stupid RPG: File Two (Demo) Knightt Comedy, Demo, RPG Unknown
DL The Suckiest Game Ever Matt Perrotti CardShark Unknown
DL Super Face Paul Smart Incomplete, Platformer Unknown
DL The Thief Leamas Action, Puzzle Unknown
DL The Thief II Leamas Action, Puzzle Unknown
DL Tim's World Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL Trash Fleet 1.0 Joshua Seames Action Unknown
DL Turmoil (v1.0) clysm Adventure Unknown
DL Two Stupid Dogs Yea Dog Adventure Unknown
DL An ugly demonstration of the afterdeath movement bug thing. Nanobot Help Unknown
DL Water Works Geno201 Action Unknown
DL Web Killers Alex Drelick Adventure Unknown
DL Weeee!! Unknown Action Unknown
DL Weird STK (earlier) Chronos30 Toolkit Unknown
DL Weirdo Vs. All Of Normality TChiaramon Action Unknown
DL The Wild Chase (original) Chris Jong Adventure Unknown
DL The World of Fun (alt) Jeff Hanson Adventure Unknown
DL The X: Art Fart's First Adventure Eric Vealey Adventure Unknown
DL Yapok Sundria (Update) Yapok Jr. Adventure Unknown
DL Zach Math Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL ZMenu JMStuckman Utility Unknown
DL ZPower 4 (alt) Carlos Barreto ZPower Productions Magazine Unknown
DL ZZT AdvancEditor Update v1.2 Nanobot Utility Unknown
DL ZZT Casino TheDaveC Dave Unlimited Other Unknown
DL ZZT Encyclopedia 3B Chronos30, JDMSonic Duky Inc. Utility Unknown
DL ZZT Realms Magazine #1 Supox Root Magazine Unknown
DL ZZT v3.0 (Registered) Tim Sweeney Epic MegaGames Incomplete, Official, Registered, Utility Unknown
DL ZZT v3.2 (Shareware) Tim Sweeney Epic MegaGames Official, Shareware, Utility Unknown
DL ZZTYPE Unknown Utility Unknown
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