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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL 5 Button Title WiL Mean Girls Games Utility Aug. 3, 2021
DLs… 587 Squadron (GBA Jam entry) Agent Orange, asie PogeSoft Action, Arcade, Contest, Engine July 11, 2021
DLs… 587 Squadron Demo Agent Orange PogeSoft Action, Demo, Engine June 12, 2021
DLs… 587 Squadron version 1.Z Agent Orange, asie PogeSoft Action, Arcade, Contest, Engine, Update Aug. 1, 2021
DL aetsch: collected art 1998-2002 aetsch Interactive Fantasies Art, Compilation Sept. 13, 2021
DL August 2021 Weekend of ZZT [Memories/Regrets] asie, PogeSoft, WiL Contest Sept. 4, 2021
DL Be Quick/Get Lucky Zephyr Burger Digital Action, Experimental, Maze April 1, 2021
DLs… Big Beast in the Maze 2.0 KKairos Aevaze, Mean Girls Games Adventure, Maze, Puzzle, Story April 15, 2021
DL But Can I...? Agent Orange PogeSoft Art Aug. 21, 2021
DL Campaign Against SZZT (SZZT Version) Timcomput, Anonymous Help May 15, 2021
DL Campaign Against SZZT (ZIG Version) Timcomput, Anonymous Help May 15, 2021
DLs… Campaign Against SZZT: SE Timcomput, Anonymous Help, Remake May 16, 2021
DL Challenge of the Toulouse Hacking Convention Réchèr Any Comp Edutainment, Puzzle June 12, 2021
DL CleenZZT The Green Herring Utility Feb. 16, 2021
DL Cyber Purge The Green Herring Action, Puzzle Feb. 16, 2021 4.50
DLs… David: Beast Wrestler Agent Orange PogeSoft Action, Fantasy, Fighting, Retro March 18, 2021
DLs… Doug Tudeap in: The Ore Gone Trail Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Arcade, Contest, Engine, Ludum Dare April 26, 2021
DL The Even Longer ZZT Game kristomu Parody, Puzzle July 20, 2021
DL Hack the Matrix kristomu Other June 11, 2021
DLs… The Hall of the Kunger Binb: Episode 1 EE WiL, lovelovekitty Mean Girls Games Adventure, Puzzle March 9, 2021
DL Hurt Anonymous Horror, Other May 11, 2021
DL Kobold Smoocher Bluey Studio Draconis Action, Fantasy, Retro Sept. 3, 2021
DL Lion Tiger Gem KKairos Mean Girls Games Action, Arcade, Maze, Minigame, Random April 1, 2021
DLs… Magi: An Epiphany Story KKairos Mean Girls Games Adventure Jan. 6, 2021 4.50
DL Maze Maze in the Maze Lancer X Burger Girl Games Action, Maze Feb. 20, 2021
DLs… Metal Saviour Bia v1.2 Agent Orange PogeSoft Action, Retro, Sci-Fi, Update Feb. 1, 2021 4.00
DL MOTORBOAT PUNISH_PORNSTAR, suresh, _catbutt_ MBGS Adventure, Cinema, Comic, Explicit, Mystery Aug. 1, 2021
DLs… Mutant Citadel verasev Action, Font, Sci-Fi Jan. 14, 2021
DLs… Mutant Citadel Final Version verasev Action, Font, Sci-Fi Jan. 28, 2021
DL Pennsylvania News Dr. Dos Art, Magazine Sept. 10, 2021
DLs… Phoebus Project LBC Adventure, Sci-Fi Aug. 7, 2021 5.00
DLs… Phoebus Project Epilogue LBC Cinema, Sci-Fi Aug. 21, 2021
DL PortalZ Some Random Nerd Other June 18, 2021
DL The Quest #ZZTQUEST Adventure Jan. 9, 2021
DL The Quest for Coffee - version Agent Orange PogeSoft Adventure, Other, Story, Update Feb. 3, 2021
DL SolidHUD v5 Dr. Dos Utility Sept. 19, 2021
DL This is Not a ZZT Art Compilation asie Art June 13, 2021
DL Town of ZZT Remix DarkMatt, The Black Keys Black Key Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Remake, Retro Jan. 1, 2021
DL Wake Up and Unlock the Door Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Engine, Experimental June 22, 2021
DLs… When There Is No More Maze WiL Imoutoburgsoft Perspectives Horror, Maze, Parody June 24, 2021
DLs… When There Is No More Snow DeadPhrog SHATTERED PERSPECTIVES Adventure, Art, Other April 28, 2021
DL The Zoo of ZZT (Restored) Jason Neufeld, asie Edutainment March 21, 2021
DL ZZT Card Game verasev Ghost Road Games Experimental, Fantasy, Minigame, Utility Oct. 14, 2021
DL ZZTSA RT-55J Experimental, Story Sept. 5, 2021
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