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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL Adventures in Jaconia Remake Kadro RPG, Remake April 19, 2000
DL Bathroom: SE _ry0suke_ Remake, Simulation Nov. 1, 1999 2.60
DLs… Campaign Against SZZT: SE Timcomput, Anonymous Help, Remake May 16, 2021
DL Commodore 64 Xmas Demo Viovis Acropolis Art, Remake Nov. 14, 2004
DL Da Hood: Special Edition tseng Reptile House RPG, Remake Feb. 16, 1999
DL Determination Engine Dr. Dos Engine, RPG, Remake Oct. 6, 2015
DL EP + ARP World: Special Edition Flimsy Parkins, Andrew Action, Remake March 15, 2004
DL Escape from Zyla Island: Special Edition Raichu Demo, Remake Jan. 2, 2001
DL Evan Darrow Catalog SE Knightt, Evan Darrow Magazine, Remake May 6, 2002
DL Fallout: Special Edition eRN56 Mirror Image Games Action, Adventure, Remake Feb. 14, 2004
DL The Four Seasons Revival Ringworm Lame Game Adventure, Remake May 17, 2000 3.62
DL The Four Seasons Revival (earlier v1.x) Ringworm Adventure, Remake Unknown
DL Gem Hunter II: Special Edition tseng, Kevin Carter Interactive Fantasies Adventure, Remake Feb. 8, 2000
DL Gem Hunter II: Special Edition: Reprise Three tseng Interactive Fantasies Adventure, Remake Jan. 22, 2001
DL I am saaaa [remake] Viovis Acropolis Remake, Trippy July 17, 1999
DL Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road SKC Soft SKC Software Action, Remake June 22, 2004
DL Independence Day JWald90726, Jeff Quirk Z-Alpha Productions Action, Fangame, Remake, Sci-Fi, Space March 10, 1997
DL Island of Jerks 1: Special Edition GameMstr1 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Remake Dec. 17, 2000
DL Island of Jerks 1: Special Edition v1.5 GameMstr1 Eaglerock Interactive Action, Adventure, Comedy, Remake Feb. 10, 2002
DL Jack Knack X Danny Goodman, _ry0suke_ Action, Remake Feb. 9, 2002
DL The Kave: Special Edition Zenith Nadir Action, Remake Sept. 5, 2000
DL Land Of The Tigers: Special Edition Master Raze Eaglerock Interactive, cad Action, Remake May 25, 2004
DL Lil Buddy Vork, Viovis Acropolis, Microwave, WiL Eaglerock Interactive Explicit, Font, Remake, Trippy Oct. 29, 2004
DL Lost Caves Graphic Renewal Zenith Nadir, ZZFreak Interactive Fantasies Puzzle, Remake Dec. 26, 1998
DL Pipeline Special Edition WiL Puzzle, Remake Oct. 5, 2001
DL the prophecy: remake Nuero, starbux Remake Jan. 1, 2002
DL The Secret of Cannibal Island Remake Matt Williams, Alexis Janson Adventure, Remake Jan. 31, 1998
DL Stupid RPG: Silver Silicon Cartridge Edition! Knightt Comedy, RPG, Remake Feb. 27, 1999
DL Thug Life: Special Edition Master Raze Eaglerock Interactive Action, Comedy, Remake Aug. 14, 2001 4.50
DL Town of ZZT Remix DarkMatt, The Black Keys Black Key Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Remake, Retro Jan. 1, 2021
DLs… Upsidetown Dr. Dos, Tim Sweeney Adventure, Experimental, Font, Remake Aug. 19, 2020
DL Virus 302 Special Edition Dr. Dos Global Gaming Interactive Adventure, RPG, Remake April 6, 2002
DL Within v1.9 wayward Remake, Trippy Oct. 18, 2001 4.00
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