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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL 24 Hours of ZZT Summer 2000 [Metamorphosis] myth, Various Incomplete Aug. 12, 2000
DL Abandoned Games asiekierka Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Adventure! ZZT Land! Unknown Adventure, Incomplete April 6, 1998
DL Arcade BBS Remainders Various Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Aura (Incomplete 2004-11-13) Dr. Dos Arcade, Incomplete Nov. 13, 2004
DL AZAZAZA Commodore, Rob Pragt Adventure, Incomplete April 27, 2010
DL Claw's Adventure Jesse Dolan Adventure, Incomplete Sept. 16, 1995
DL Coconutmonky's Unfinished Old Games and Oddities Colllection COCONUTMONKY Beta, Compilation, Demo, Engine, Incomplete July 27, 2003
DL Corndog (Project Dump) Darren Hewer Incomplete, Utility Feb. 14, 1999
DL Da De Da De Da wayward Adventure, Incomplete Oct. 31, 1998
DL Dark World DarkEagle8 Adventure, Incomplete Unknown
DL The Dragon of Gretopy Village Paul Smart Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Story Unknown
DL DRGNDNGN phunk Adventure, Incomplete Dec. 24, 2004
DL Facility Alek Fleischer Action, Adventure, Incomplete, Puzzle, Sci-Fi Unknown
DL Galactic Games Magazine 1 Lamuzak Galactic Games Incomplete, Magazine July 21, 1998
DL Gobble_d_Gook WiL Adventure, Engine, Incomplete Oct. 18, 2000
DL Hamsters Steve Syckes Adventure, Incomplete Unknown
DL House of Horrors [Corrupt] Alexis Janson Adventure, Incomplete Dec. 31, 1993 3.50
DL Island of Jerks 4: I Love the Cow (September 1994) Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete Sept. 29, 1994
DL James Bond Club Thanos81 Incomplete March 20, 1994
DL Joel Unknown Adventure, Incomplete Oct. 20, 1993
DL The Journey of Béner and Boo Thanos81 Adventure, Incomplete Unknown
DL Kate 1 Bobo245 Oscar the Grouch Software Adventure, Incomplete March 25, 1995
DL Kinderspiele Zephyr Action, Adventure, Compilation, Incomplete Feb. 5, 2020
DL Kwest Voighdt, Oryx-de-Cow Red Aureole Adventure, Incomplete March 24, 1999
DL The Legacy of Diowgi (Part 1 of 4) djbjrca Adventure, Incomplete Oct. 22, 2005
DL The Legend of Zelda ZZT: Hero's Quest (Demo) Phoenix Action, Adventure, Demo, Dungeon, Fantasy, Incomplete Oct. 1, 2004
DL Live At The London Trash Receptical _ry0suke_ Compilation, Incomplete Dec. 11, 2000
DL Llama Masters 3 Scott Hammack Action, Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Parody Unknown
DL Marksman (Incomplete) FYNDR Action, Comedy, Incomplete Aug. 8, 2006
DL The Mercenary 2 Wong Chung Bang Action, Incomplete, RPG Nov. 2, 2003
DL Merlin Jeff Conroy Font, Incomplete April 7, 1999
DL Michael McDonald's House of Horror Unknown Action, Incomplete March 30, 1997
DL The Mighty Adventures Of Timo Timo82 Adventure, Incomplete Feb. 19, 1996
DL Mysteries Of The Cinema ZOrangeCow Adventure, Incomplete Feb. 26, 2000
DL Mystic Blade Chronos30 Duky Inc. Incomplete, RPG July 9, 1998
DL Mystic Blade (v0.2) Chronos30 Duky Inc. Demo, Incomplete, RPG May 30, 1998
DL Ned the Knight (Shareware/Unfinished) Jeremy LaMar, SnigWich Incomplete, RPG Sept. 5, 1995
DL Noooooo Seventh Shade Incomplete June 17, 2007
DL Old Shit Ando Incomplete June 20, 2007
DL Outskirts of Zweldronia! (Project Dump) Matthew Charlap Adventure, Incomplete July 25, 1991
DL Pennsylvania: The Game (Incomplete) Fungahhh Adventure, Incomplete April 4, 2007
DL Personal ZZT Worlds Neil C. Obremski Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Play-Pen Agent Orange PogeSoft Action, Demo, Engine, Incomplete, Puzzle Dec. 31, 2020
DL Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Three Pak! Dr. Dos Compilation, Incomplete, Story Aug. 16, 2015
DL Pokey's Magical Adventures: Weathered Knightt Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete May 26, 2002
DL Polo Land Eric Guffey Adventure, Incomplete March 29, 1997
DL Remnants Ando Compilation, Incomplete Oct. 20, 2005
DL The Search for the Lost Brother series Paul Smart Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Puzzle, Random, Story Unknown
DL Smart series Paul Smart Adventure, Comedy, Compilation, Incomplete, Puzzle, Random Unknown
DL Super Face Paul Smart Incomplete, Platformer Unknown
DL Tormod sin verden!! [no] Tormod F. Vegge, kristomu Action, Adventure, Incomplete, Non-English Feb. 23, 1995
DL Vinegar Gulf (Abandoned) gingermuffins Art, Incomplete Jan. 22, 2008
DL Voighdt's Incomplete Games Voighdt Red Aureole Compilation, Incomplete March 27, 1999
DL War of Myseri (Incomplete) FYNDR Adventure, Incomplete, Puzzle April 13, 2007
DL Wizard's Tale (Beta) Jeff Conroy FutureWare Adventure, Incomplete Oct. 1, 1997
DL Wongroom Wong Chung Bang Adventure, Cameo, Incomplete June 16, 2002
DL Your Rich Tomcat, Woody, Micheal Adventure, Incomplete Nov. 29, 1999
DL Zeroend Dunkinbean AKWare Incomplete Dec. 21, 2000
DL ZMAN Lynx Demo, Engine, Font, Incomplete, Platformer July 14, 2016
DL ZZ3 World Pack (Repack, Incomplete) Daemon_Lotos, Xabbott, kev-san, Smiley13, Viovis Compilation, Incomplete Aug. 1, 1999
DL ZZT Enhancer - Caverns for ZZT Craig Boston, Mark McIntyre Adventure, Incomplete March 19, 1998
DL ZZT v3.0 (Registered) Tim Sweeney Epic MegaGames Incomplete, Official, Registered, Utility Unknown
DL ZZT v4.1 (Unofficial) WiL, Tim Sweeney Incomplete, Utility Dec. 7, 2004
DL ZZT++ 0.3 Wouter Bovelander Incomplete, Utility Dec. 19, 2001
DL ZZTAE v1.0.1 (EXE only) CyQ Incomplete, Utility Oct. 1, 2001
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