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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL #play 5 WiL Interactive Fantasies Compilation May 16, 2001 4.25
DL 24 hours of evil ZZDevelin Phobos Inc Compilation April 6, 2003 1.58
DL The 2020 Jam of ZZT RT-55J, emmzee, Davie Compilation, Contest April 21, 2020
DL 2020 Stuff by KKairos KKairos Mean Girls Games Compilation Dec. 30, 2020
DL Abandoned Games gingermuffins Compilation June 4, 2007
DL Abandoned Games asiekierka Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Aetsch's BKZZT Collection Aetsch Interactive Fantasies Compilation March 25, 2002 3.00
DL aetsch: collected art 1998-2002 aetsch Interactive Fantasies Art, Compilation Sept. 13, 2021
DL AKNeutron's Collective Works of BKZZT AKNeutron AKware BKZZT, Compilation, Explicit Aug. 25, 1999
DL AOL Compilation Various Compilation Unknown
DL Arcade BBS Remainders Various Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Asher's Game Pak 1 Asher Compilation March 7, 2003
DL Asher's Game Pak 2 Asher Compilation March 1, 2003
DL Bluelloween Anthony Testa, BlueMagus Compilation Aug. 24, 1999
DL BlueWane Anthony Testa, BlueMagus Compilation Aug. 24, 2000
DL Boxtop11's Bargain Bin o' Crap Boxtop18 Compilation Oct. 22, 2005
DL brongic/moog/hunjod triphEd, carpets Compilation June 6, 2004
DL Burn Acid tucan Compilation, Demo March 13, 1998
DL Coconutmonky's Unfinished Old Games and Oddities Colllection COCONUTMONKY Beta, Compilation, Demo, Engine, Incomplete July 27, 2003
DL Come as You Are Dr. Hoot, Nuero Compilation April 2, 2001
DL Cool Stuff Unknown Adventure, Compilation Unknown
DL Cow Crap Almighty Cow Compilation April 22, 1998
DL The D.mentiaHappy Pack D. Compilation Sept. 24, 2000
DL Doodads 2019 Rabbitboots Art, Compilation, Experimental Dec. 31, 2019
DL DPLobster Does ZZT DPLobster Compilation July 14, 2001
DL The Draco Experience Draco Compilation March 30, 1998
DL Dutch Collection Various Compilation, Non-English July 5, 1996
DL Dutch Collection 2 Various Compilation, Non-English Oct. 2, 1999
DL Dutch Collection 3 Various Compilation, Non-English Sept. 16, 1995
DL Everything! Draco Compilation July 31, 1999
DL FILTERware Adventure Pack Gold myth, Monthigos FILTERware Adventure, Compilation Aug. 13, 1995
DL Five Years of Maximum ZZT Scott Hammack Compilation Dec. 21, 1999 5.00
DL FreeZerBurn's ARt FreeZerBurn Art, Compilation Nov. 10, 1999
DL The Good Ones - Volume 1 Nuero Compilation April 22, 2001
DL Income and Stuff Master Raze Compilation, Puzzle Aug. 24, 2002
DL Incomplete Games Various Compilation Dec. 28, 1995
DL Junk Ethan Hunt Compilation Dec. 20, 1997
DL Kekie's Casino World Viovis Acropolis 24HoZZT, Compilation, Contest Jan. 8, 2004
DL Kinderspiele Zephyr Action, Adventure, Compilation, Incomplete Feb. 5, 2020
DL Koopo's ... Koopo Compilation Aug. 9, 1998
DL Live At The London Trash Receptical _ry0suke_ Compilation, Incomplete Dec. 11, 2000
DL Lynx's ZZT Graveyard Lynx Compilation March 3, 2013
DL MadTom Balls Anthology Various Compilation March 18, 2007
DL The Maxim Torture Rack Maxim Compilation July 30, 2001
DL Mimic Pub Aaron Linne Mimic Pub Action, Compilation March 31, 1994
DL Mini-ZZT Game Pak! Burakthebest Compilation May 17, 2001
DL Minigame Collection 1.0 TheonlyPKMNfanleft Compilation, Minigame March 15, 2003 0.00
DL The Moonpie Treat Moonpie Compilation Jan. 28, 2001
DL MST3k Adventures of Tom/Crow/Gypsy/Cambot Tim McDavitt Comedy, Compilation July 23, 1994
DL Nemesis' Demo Pack Nemesis Compilation, Demo May 13, 2000
DL One Board Adventures Quack6754 Action, Compilation Aug. 31, 1998
DL Personal ZZT Worlds Neil C. Obremski Compilation, Incomplete Unknown
DL Piromaze (and two demo-things) piroteckkie Action, Compilation Oct. 14, 2002
DL Plastic Game Files WiL, Various Compilation May 9, 2008
DL Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Three Pak! Dr. Dos Compilation, Incomplete, Story Aug. 16, 2015
DL The Pokey Anthology Knightt Comedy, Compilation Nov. 27, 2000
DL Preposterous Machines Drake Wilson Compilation, Engine Sept. 25, 2009 5.00
DL Recollect Nuero Compilation April 9, 2001
DL Red Aureole Demos Voighdt, genie500, toykirby, ff6sabin Red Aureole Compilation, Demo June 8, 1999
DL Remnants Ando Compilation, Incomplete Oct. 20, 2005
DL Roach Motel tseng Compilation May 4, 1999
DL RUN SERIES YoungLink Compilation May 23, 2002
DL Smart series Paul Smart Adventure, Comedy, Compilation, Incomplete, Puzzle, Random Unknown
DL So Long and Thanks For All the Yiff Dr. Dos Compilation Aug. 9, 2006
DL Software Visions ZZT Pack Alexis Janson, Matt Williams Software Visions Adventure, Compilation Dec. 1, 1996
DL Software Visions ZZT Pack (Registered) Alexis Janson, Matt Williams Software Visions Adventure, Compilation, Registered Dec. 1, 1996
DL Software Visions ZZT Pack (Registered, April 1996) Alexis Janson, Matt Williams Software Visions Adventure, Compilation, Registered April 11, 1996
DL sp@ng@s Zenith Nadir Lame Game Compilation, Puzzle Sept. 5, 2000 4.00
DL StaidSoft's Greatest Hits Maullar Maullar Compilation May 22, 2001
DL Starbux: The Hits vol.1 (2001-2002) starbux Random Inc. Compilation July 23, 2001
DL Stupid RPG 1-3 Knightt Random Inc. Comedy, Compilation, RPG July 30, 2001
DL Teenspirit's Boy 1-3 teenspirit TGIP Industries Adventure, Compilation Aug. 19, 2013
DL Unfinished Business Ringworm, Rasconza Lame Game Compilation March 4, 1999
DL Voighdt's Incomplete Games Voighdt Red Aureole Compilation, Incomplete March 27, 1999
DL Year of Shapiro Eurakarte Action, Adventure, Compilation Dec. 31, 2002 4.25
DL ZZ3 World Pack (Repack, Incomplete) Daemon_Lotos, Xabbott, kev-san, Smiley13, Viovis Compilation, Incomplete Aug. 1, 1999
DL The ZZT Fivesome Grab Bag Kewlio Action, Compilation, Shooter Sept. 14, 1997
DL ZZT Pak Morgen Germyn, Karl Germyn Adventure, Compilation July 4, 1993
DL ZZT Shorts DeadPhrog, Stephen Williams SHATTERED PERSPECTIVES Adventure, Comedy, Compilation, Experimental, Horror, Parody, Puzzle, Random, Trippy July 4, 1997
DL ZZT's Revenge David Bishop, Beth Daggert, Al Payne, Allen Pilgrim, Adam Rixey, Alan R. Zeman Compilation, Contest, Official, Registered March 23, 1992
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