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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL Anthropoid Demo Nuero Random Inc. Action, Adventure, RPG July 21, 2001
DL Dead Moon: Demo starbux Random Inc. Action, Demo, RPG Dec. 15, 2001 3.50
DL Donny's Little Feast Tony Clifton Random Inc. Puzzle March 1, 2001
DL Dungeons of Despair 2 Dragonlord Random Inc. Action, Dungeon Jan. 27, 2001
DL EKSO Moonpie Random Inc. Action, Dungeon Sept. 16, 2001 4.00
DL Endless Dungeon GOLD coolzx Random Inc. Dungeon Sept. 4, 2001 4.17
DL The Experiment Demo Nuero Random Inc. Action, Adventure, Demo, RPG Jan. 26, 2002
DL Infestation 3 v1.0 coolzx Random Inc. Action Sept. 22, 2001
DL Infestation 3 v2.0 coolzx Random Inc. Action Jan. 7, 2002
DL The Kane Project 3 Master Raze Random Inc. Action, Adventure March 6, 2002
DL MegaFade 1.1 Mysterio3k Random Inc. Toolkit, Utility Oct. 27, 2001
DL The Misadventures of Mega Job: The Epic Tag Team tseng Random Inc. Adventure Sept. 12, 2001
DL NO! _God_ Random Inc. Action June 17, 2001 4.00
DL Paper Dude Master Raze Random Inc. Puzzle May 23, 2002
DL Promise Demo A _God_ Random Inc. Demo, RPG July 22, 2001
DL Red Isle Oof Random Inc. Adventure July 10, 2001
DL Rhubarb Pie Tony Clifton Random Inc. 24HoZZT, RPG June 9, 2007
DL Series-A Moonpie Random Inc. Dungeon, RPG July 23, 2001
DL SFB Demo NMZmaster Random Inc. Demo Sept. 7, 2001
DL Sim: Life Master Raze Random Inc. Adventure, Simulation June 20, 2002 3.50
DL Spode/Demo Moonpie Random Inc. Adventure, Demo, Puzzle Dec. 23, 2001 5.00
DL Starbux: The Hits vol.1 (2001-2002) starbux Random Inc. Compilation July 23, 2001
DL Stupid RPG 1-3 Knightt Random Inc. Comedy, Compilation, RPG July 30, 2001
DL Stupid RPG Disc Two: Silver Silicon Cartridge Edition Knightt Random Inc. Adventure, Comedy, RPG Jan. 21, 2001
DL Stupid RPG: Third Flavor Knightt Random Inc. Adventure, Comedy, RPG July 31, 2001
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