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DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL aag2 Wong Chung Bang Adventure Feb. 14, 2001 5.00
DL aag3 Wong Chung Bang Adventure, Comedy Sept. 10, 2001 2.75
DL Great Pyramid of ZZT Wong Chung Bang Puzzle Oct. 13, 2001 4.17
DL Island of the Dragon Warriors Uncle Bubba, Wong Chung Bang, L4Suicide Action, Adventure May 5, 2000
DL The Mercenary Wong Chung Bang Dungeon, RPG May 12, 2002 3.83
DL The Mercenary 2 Wong Chung Bang Action, Incomplete, RPG Nov. 2, 2003
DL Silent ZZT Demo Wong Chung Bang AuroraSoft Demo April 28, 2001 3.50
DL Tower of ZZT Wong Chung Bang Action, Puzzle Nov. 18, 2000 5.00
DL Voyage to Nowhere +STK Wong Chung Bang Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi Feb. 19, 2001
DL Wongroom Wong Chung Bang Adventure, Cameo, Incomplete June 16, 2002
DL ZZFont noi5e, Wong Chung Bang Utility June 2, 2001
DL ZZT Crime Wong Chung Bang AuroraSoft Help Oct. 10, 2001 3.17
DL ZZT Crime V3 Wong Chung Bang AuroraSoft Help Sept. 16, 2000
DL ZZT Crime V4 Wong Chung Bang AuroraSoft Help Jan. 16, 2001
DL ZZT Crime V8 Wong Chung Bang, Scorch3000 AuroraSoft, Gigasofts Help Oct. 12, 2007
DL ZZT Crime Version 2 Wong Chung Bang Help Aug. 5, 2000
DL ZZT Crime Version 6 Wong Chung Bang, Scorch3000 AuroraSoft Help May 25, 1995
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