Feedback Policy

The Museum of ZZT allows both guests and registered users to provide feedback on any published file. Feedback must abide to the rules listed below in order to remain on the site. Failure to abide by these rules may lead to your ability to post feedback as well as other site functionality being removed.

All feedback:

Guests are subject to more strict requirements when posting feedback due to the submission process being anonymous. These requirements include:

Feedback Tags

When giving feedback, users have the option to mark it as containing any of the following tags:

Reviews may include a numeric rating for the file ranging from 0.0 through 5.0 in steps of 0.5, replicating the scoring system used by z2's review system which the Museum has imported. You may choose to not provide a numeric score when reviewing a file, though any file which is given a score will automatically be tagged as a "Review" regardless of whether or not you have tagged it as such yourself.

Providing Feedback On Your Own Files

ZZT has a long history and many authors may be interested in seeing how their worlds hold up today. Provided that some time has passed between the world's release and the author's feedback (there's no explicit amount of time, try to be reasonable), you may provide feedback on your own world. However, it may be better to submit an article giving the world a proper post-mortem or revisit instead of using the review system.

If you do review your own world, please opt out of giving a numeric score.

If you believe certain feedback should be removed because it violates these rules, please contact Dr. Dos with detailed information on what feedback is in violation of which rules.