New Additions

MOTORBOAT The Legend of Golbez, Part 1: The Quest for the Orb
DL Title Author Company Genre Date Rating
DL MOTORBOAT PUNISH_PORNSTAR, suresh, _catbutt_ MBGS Adventure, Cinema, Comic, Explicit, Mystery Aug. 1, 2021
DL The Even Longer ZZT Game kristomu Parody, Puzzle July 20, 2021
DL 587 Squadron version 1.Z Agent Orange, asie PogeSoft Action, Arcade, Contest, Engine, Update Aug. 1, 2021
DL ZZT Racing Demo v. 0.2 eJECTION13 Arcade, Demo, Racing April 12, 1998
DL FFSoft Mag 1 Redfire Flying Fish Software Magazine July 7, 1997
DL Tormod sin verden!! [no] Tormod F. Vegge, kristomu Action, Adventure, Incomplete, Non-English Feb. 23, 1995
DL El Chupacabra Starring Scully Piscez Adventure, Fangame May 24, 1997
DL ZZT RPG 1: The Flying Dragon LowerVP RPG March 26, 1998
DL Hero Bob 1: The Pizza Wars (Restored) Unknown BOB GAMES Adventure Oct. 22, 1994
DL 587 Squadron (GBA Jam entry) Agent Orange, asie PogeSoft Action, Arcade, Contest, Engine July 11, 2021
DL The Monk, Beta 1 Clecky Fantasy, RPG March 23, 2003
DL Mission R billtcm Action, Adventure Unknown
DL The King of ZZT John Reef Action, Adventure Unknown
DL Looky THIS!! Kewlio Action, Help Unknown
DL Break Out (Restored) Unknown Adventure Aug. 20, 1995
DL Swap World Engine Lancer X 妹Soft Engine April 12, 2020
DL When There Is No More Maze WiL Imoutoburgsoft Perspectives Horror, Maze, Parody June 24, 2021
DL Ultimate Conquest (Sneak Peek) Unknown DarkMage Software Adventure, Demo, RPG June 15, 1997
DL The Rest of: The Northern Samoan War! ZZTrash Adventure Unknown
DL The Samoan War ZZTrash Adventure Unknown
DL The Search For Irv! ZZTrash Adventure Unknown
DL Z2 v0.61 Beta (Resources + Source Code) Carlos DaSilva Utility Feb. 28, 1997
DL MZX/ZZT Online Forum Ad Brian Palmer Outpost Software Advertisement, Utility Feb. 18, 1996
DL PortalZ Some Random Nerd Other June 18, 2021
DL 587 Squadron Demo Agent Orange PogeSoft Action, Demo, Engine June 12, 2021
DL Wake Up and Unlock the Door Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Engine, Experimental June 22, 2021
DL Llama Masters 3 Scott Hammack Action, Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete, Parody Unknown
DL Conspiracy Benco, Aaron Greene Benco., CONSPIRAsoft Adventure, Puzzle Aug. 13, 1999
DL The Town of GoTS John Harger Adventure Oct. 12, 1992
DL Pro Wrestling Tournament John Davison, Brian Davison Adventure, Fangame, Fighting Jan. 27, 1995
DL Joe City Unknown Action, Adventure Oct. 9, 1995
DL Longest ZZT Game Ever Unknown Other Aug. 29, 1994
DL Space War Jonathan Kayes Shorty Adventure, Sci-Fi Oct. 9, 1995
DL Happy Birthday, Patrick Unknown Cinema, Fangame, Other Oct. 8, 1994
DL Hack the Matrix kristomu Other June 11, 2021
DL Challenge of the Toulouse Hacking Convention Réchèr Any Comp Edutainment, Puzzle June 12, 2021
DL This is Not a ZZT Art Compilation asie Art June 13, 2021
DL Omidon's Downfall (Preview Version) DarkHorse Adventure, Demo, Puzzle, RPG Nov. 23, 2001
DL Software Visions ZZT Pack (Registered, April 1996) Alexis Janson, Matt Williams Software Visions Adventure, Compilation, Registered April 11, 1996
DL Not As It Seems: The Morphos Filipe83 DarkMage Software Adventure April 9, 1997
DL Room of MAGUS _MAGUS_ Adventure Unknown
DL The Strange Mystery Of The Oof-Da! LARRYXXXXX ButtSoft(tm) Comedy Unknown
DL Super ZZT (Cracked) Tim Sweeney, Pirates Cove Adventure, Utility Sept. 29, 1996
DL Z2 v0.61 Beta (Incomplete) Carlos DaSilva Utility Oct. 24, 1996
DL Corndog (Project Dump) Darren Hewer Incomplete, Utility Feb. 14, 1999
DL ZZT Enhancer - Evil3 Craig Boston Demo March 20, 1998
DL ZZT Enhancer - Caverns for ZZT Craig Boston, Mark McIntyre Adventure, Incomplete March 19, 1998
DL ZZT Enhancer 0.3 Beta Craig Boston Utility March 19, 1998
DL ZZT Museum Unknown Help Jan. 28, 1997
DL Adventure! ZZT Land! Unknown Adventure, Incomplete April 6, 1998
DL The Tragic Escapades of Mr. Bill and Wilbur Unknown Adventure, Fangame June 27, 1997
DL Revenge JaCyL Adventure May 22, 1996
DL The Saga of the Purple Moose Robert Cane Adventure Aug. 20, 1995
DL The Space Way Unknown Action Unknown
DL Dungeon of Doom Unknown Adventure Jan. 16, 1995
DL Mega-Castle John Harger Action Oct. 7, 1992
DL Lawn Man Unknown Action Unknown
DL Learning to Play Mark McIntyre Help Nov. 27, 1994
DL Mark Land Mark McIntyre Adventure Nov. 8, 1994
DL ZZT AdvancEditor Update v1.2 Nanobot Utility Unknown
DL The Great Egyptian Adventure Game Darren Hewer Thumbs-Up Software Adventure April 4, 1993
DL Tomato Man vs. Queen Pickle! Darren Hewer Adventure Feb. 20, 1993
DL Mount ZZT Part 1 Darren Hewer Adventure Feb. 15, 1993
DL Pongo Vs. The King Troll!!!!! Darren Hewer Adventure Feb. 15, 1993
DL Island Adventure Darren Hewer Adventure Dec. 20, 1992
DL The Dungeon! Darren Hewer Dungeon, Maze Dec. 19, 1992
DL The World Of Milo Fento Darren Hewer Adventure Dec. 6, 1992
DL Coolzap part 2: The Tigers Revenge! Darren Hewer Adventure March 7, 1992
DL Super Geek's Bumbling Adventure Part 1: The City (1992-02-24) Darren Hewer Action Feb. 24, 1992
DL The Great Co-Co Caves of Bratha (1991-07-25) Darren Hewer Thumbs-Up Software Adventure July 25, 1991
DL Coolzap Part: 1 Darren Hewer Adventure July 25, 1991
DL The Box and The Blob (Prototype) nupanick Engine Aug. 7, 2008
DL Zach Math Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL The Adventures of Duke Pitfall AJJupiter Adventure Oct. 27, 1996
DL One Board Adventures Quack6754 Action, Compilation Aug. 31, 1998
DL Polo Land Eric Guffey Adventure, Incomplete March 29, 1997
DL Ace Man Tracy Lee Action Jan. 8, 1997
DL Rings of Power Josh Bovia Action Unknown
DL Where Did I Go Wrong? AKNeutron AKware Help Jan. 20, 1999
DL Mission: Doom Rick Toboz Silent Orb Software Adventure Jan. 2, 1996
DL One Day At School Alex Arrowsmith Adventure Unknown
DL Michael McDonald's House of Horror Unknown Action, Incomplete March 30, 1997
DL Palace Unknown Adventure Jan. 19, 1997
DL Campaign Against SZZT: SE Timcomput, Anonymous Help, Remake May 16, 2021
DL Campaign Against SZZT (SZZT Version) Timcomput, Anonymous Help May 15, 2021
DL Campaign Against SZZT Timcomput Help Unknown
DL Ghoulish ZZT Brent Stone Chipmunk Ltd. Adventure Nov. 27, 1996
DL Evil Reign: The Missing King (Demo) Daniel Font, RPG July 15, 1998
DL Super Fighter Victor Lin Action March 30, 1997
DL DOOT.ZZT (Untitled) Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL 2.ZZT (Untitled) Unknown Trippy Unknown
DL Detectiv' Dan RRT190 Adventure, Demo Dec. 28, 1996
DL People We've Never Seen Drama Dale Adventure July 30, 1995
DL Mutant Middle Aged Killer Commandos From Mars Unknown Adventure April 8, 1994
DL Taylor and Jonathan vs. Barney Unknown Adventure Feb. 5, 1997
DL 10 Levels of Fury GAMEBOYJBF Action Aug. 15, 1995
DL The ZZT Convention Demo Sephiroth X Adventure, Cinema Aug. 29, 2001
DL Parker World Parker Marcotte Other Unknown
DL Josh's World Lmjmajl Other Feb. 17, 1996
DL ZZT Casino TheDaveC Dave Unlimited Other Unknown
DL Twisted ZZT Characters ZPlayer Zed-Omega Productions Utility Sept. 24, 1996
DL City of the Stupid 2 (Demo) Bongo79 Adventure, Demo March 12, 1997
DL Monkey Man Gabriel, Sarah Action, Adventure Unknown
DL Scott's Town Scott Howard Action Unknown
DL Bearing An Hourglass David G. Syas Adventure, Fangame Nov. 13, 1996
DL Sports World V.R. Unknown Adventure March 20, 1997
DL Channuka Unknown Action Dec. 7, 1995
DL Mega-World John Harger Action, Adventure Oct. 31, 1992
DL The Dragon Slayer (Restored) Unknown Adventure Feb. 25, 1996
DL Hurt Anonymous Horror, Other May 11, 2021
DL Software Visions ZZT Pack (Registered) Alexis Janson, Matt Williams Software Visions Adventure, Compilation, Registered Dec. 1, 1996
DL Yapok Sundria (Update) Yapok Jr. Adventure Unknown
DL Secret Agent Joe Moe (Christmas Build) JMStuckman Oracle Entertainment Action Dec. 24, 1996
DL Chrono Wars 13 (Beta) Chronos30 Adventure, Beta, Puzzle Nov. 2, 2000
DL The Thief II (Uncut/Original) Leamas Action, Puzzle Nov. 14, 1997
DL Nightmare (May 1996) Barjesse Puzzle May 26, 1996
DL Going Down (Early) Jeff Parkes Adventure March 30, 1996
DL Going Down Jeff Parkes Adventure Unknown
DL Terminator Versus Barney Brian McFee, Keebler BSI, Macrosoft Action Dec. 20, 1993
DL ZPower 4 (alt) Carlos Barreto ZPower Productions Magazine Unknown
DL MST3K (Original Upload) Adam LaChapelle Action Oct. 10, 1993
DL Weird STK (earlier) Chronos30 Toolkit Unknown
DL Island of Jerks 4: I Love the Cow (September 1994) Aric McKeown Action, Adventure, Comedy, Incomplete Sept. 29, 1994
DL Mission: Enigma (September 1993) Alexis Janson Software Visions Adventure Sept. 30, 1993
DL Wizard's Tale (Beta) Jeff Conroy FutureWare Adventure, Incomplete Oct. 1, 1997
DL Joe Blow Socipoon (June 26th, 1996) froznfire America Software Action June 26, 1996
DL Land O' Fun Jon Peakman Adventure Unknown
DL Dark World DarkEagle8 Adventure, Incomplete Unknown
DL Faito Collection (April 1996) Micah Paul Action, Comedy April 17, 1996
DL Peter (v1.3) Nivek Nivek Games, DarkMage Software Action, Adventure Feb. 5, 1997
DL Peter Nivek Nivek Games, DarkMage Software Action, Adventure Oct. 6, 1996
DL Ikari Warriors Part One: Escape From The Jungle Danny Knapp Knappware Fangame, Shooter Aug. 20, 1995
DL Dragon Hunt Modified ManaX Action Feb. 9, 1996
DL Destroy Barney III MechMerc Kabalware, Macrosoft Adventure Aug. 7, 1995
DL Unfair!! Steven Backus Action Aug. 1, 1996
DL Jack Adventures Presents: Be Careful Where You Step! jack2496 Action Unknown
DL 5 Stupid Dogs Lassie02 Action Feb. 16, 1996
DL Run Run Devin Holl Action Unknown
DL Court Or Die Jack1032 Adventure Unknown
DL Weirdo Vs. All Of Normality TChiaramon Action Unknown
DL Try The I.Q. Tests! Unknown Trivia Aug. 15, 1995
DL Chaos Fighters Unknown Action Feb. 17, 1996
DL Cool Stuff Unknown Adventure, Compilation Unknown
DL Puzzles Pyro184 Puzzle Unknown
DL Adventures in Jaconia (Original) Lord Kadro Adventure, RPG Feb. 22, 1996
DL My Really Super Cool Place!!! The Quest For Knowledge!!! Lauren Belella Adventure Nov. 19, 1996
DL Time Warpers II Nate Leech NateSoft Adventure Jan. 16, 1995
DL Splatterhouse ZZT Demo Axikal Action, Adventure, Explicit, Fangame, Horror Jan. 16, 2004
DL PQ 1 Lax18 Action Unknown
DL Captain Cosmo: The Interactive Galactic Story Erik Sagen E&M Productions Adventure, Demo, Sci-Fi Unknown
DL The Blood War Unknown Action, Adventure April 24, 1996
DL Kate 1 Bobo245 Oscar the Grouch Software Adventure, Incomplete March 25, 1995
DL Eternal Twilight: Where Day Never Starts And Night Never Ends Arachnid 9 Adventure Feb. 9, 1995
DL The Martian Invasion Unknown ShadowSoft Adventure, Demo, Shareware June 15, 1997
DL The Mighty Adventures Of Timo Timo82 Adventure, Incomplete Feb. 19, 1996
DL ZZT Help (v1.1) Matt Williams Help Aug. 22, 1996
DL When There Is No More Snow DeadPhrog SHATTERED PERSPECTIVES Adventure, Art, Other April 28, 2021
DL Doug Tudeap in: The Ore Gone Trail Dr. Dos Mower Quality Games Arcade, Contest, Engine, Ludum Dare April 26, 2021
DL House of Doom Tyty66, Skynxnex99 Action March 5, 1997
DL Bebop! Unknown Action Feb. 8, 1996
DL Star Wars Mode (August 1996) CLAbles Zed-Omega Productions Font Aug. 26, 1996
DL ZZT Library Unknown Toolkit Nov. 16, 1994
DL Funhouse Jim Goodnight Adventure Aug. 20, 1995
DL Race Track Engine ZPlayer Engine Dec. 31, 1996
DL The Nuke Plant Unknown Action Unknown
DL Operation: Demon Hunter King Bat King Inc. Adventure April 19, 1995
DL Web Killers Alex Drelick Adventure Unknown
DL Death Treasure Unknown Action Sept. 11, 1993
DL Big Beast in the Maze 2.0 KKairos Aevaze, Mean Girls Games Adventure, Maze, Puzzle, Story April 15, 2021
DL Lion Tiger Gem KKairos Mean Girls Games Action, Arcade, Maze, Minigame, Random April 1, 2021
DL Be Quick/Get Lucky Zephyr Burger Digital Action, Experimental, Maze April 1, 2021
DL David: Beast Wrestler Agent Orange PogeSoft Action, Fantasy, Fighting, Retro March 18, 2021
DL SlumberPocalypse Electrum Glitches Action, Adventure, Contest Jan. 15, 2018
DL ZMAN Lynx Demo, Engine, Font, Incomplete, Platformer July 14, 2016
DL DRGNDNGN phunk Adventure, Incomplete Dec. 24, 2004
DL Busy City Engine Boxtop11 Engine June 20, 2004
DL The Day After The Apocalypse (Demo) ZZDevelin Action, Demo Aug. 23, 2003
DL Forest Bullshit (Demo) Knightt Adventure, Demo July 30, 2003
DL Special Forces Nixon Action July 27, 2003
DL SaintZZT 13th RinGames Adventure, Non-English Jan. 28, 1999
DL Z-Files v1.2 Zenith Nadir Toolkit, Utility Dec. 16, 1998
DL Bob 2 (Preview) Newt Adventure, Demo Oct. 20, 1997
DL Secrets (v1.3) Kylo, Poseidon Help May 13, 1997
DL Here's Another ZZT-Helper For Simple Amateurs Filipe83 DarkMage Software Help April 9, 1997
DL The Zoo of ZZT (Restored) Jason Neufeld, asie Edutainment March 21, 2021
DL Star Wench Anna Anthropy Adventure Feb. 26, 2014
DL Tomato Man Greg Gilbert Action Nov. 7, 1996
DL LandLand 1+2 (Decorrupted) Joe Moone, GreaseMonkey Action, Adventure Feb. 6, 1993 2.00
DL Barney Exterminator AKNeutron AKware Adventure Feb. 15, 1997
DL Kill Barney Unknown Other Dec. 16, 1993
DL Barney Bash Unknown Hyperware Team Action Aug. 1, 1994
DL ZZWorkBook ghettoflower Art, Experimental Feb. 10, 2015
DL The Hall of the Kunger Binb: Episode 1 EE WiL, lovelovekitty Mean Girls Games Adventure, Puzzle March 9, 2021
DL Maze Maze in the Maze Lancer X Burger Girl Games Action, Maze Feb. 20, 2021
DL ZZT v3.1 (November 1991, Registered) Tim Sweeney Epic MegaGames Official, Registered, Utility Nov. 2, 1991
DL Spring 2002 #russia BKZZT pack Various BKZZT, Explicit April 8, 2002
DL 24 Hours of ZZT Summer 2002 [Depression and Manual Labor] WiL, Various Contest July 21, 2002
DL AKNeutron's Collective Works of BKZZT AKNeutron AKware BKZZT, Compilation, Explicit Aug. 25, 1999
DL The GCS nooodl 24HoZZT, Action, Puzzle Feb. 22, 2012
DL Kitten Evolution TripleFox Action, Ludum Dare Aug. 27, 2012
DL Pig Jason Foulke, Fred M., Jeremy Lewis, JJZ Action, RPG Jan. 24, 1997 2.50
DL Madam Grizelda Mark, Bruno, Filipe Comedy, Horror March 20, 1997 3.50
DL The Pokey Anthology Knightt Comedy, Compilation Nov. 27, 2000
DL Ani-World Daniel Adventure, Fangame July 18, 1998
DL Z-Doom Unknown Action Dec. 24, 1995
DL The Gargoven Alliance Scott Betts Infinite Productions Sci-Fi, Shooter May 6, 1997
DL The Dark Woods Chocko208 Action, Adventure Unknown
DL Oreo The Hamster Unknown Shooter Aug. 23, 2003
DL Code Red: Special Edition (v2.1) Alexis Janson, Zenith Nadir Software Visions Adventure Aug. 3, 1999
DL Nexus III: Future's End (1.0) My Liver Hurtz Mirror Image Games Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Feb. 14, 2004
DL Ravenfall (v1.0) astral RPG Feb. 14, 2009
DL Only a boy named David kev-san Mindsoft Entertainment Adventure, Edutainment June 19, 1997
DL Space Slug Unknown Action, Sci-Fi Unknown
DL Barney vs. Blarney TheDaveC Action June 19, 1994
DL The Cool World John Mela Adventure May 25, 1996
DL Bobo (Original) Jamik Lunar Eclipse, FlashGrafix Adventure Feb. 17, 1996
DL Ethan's Room Party Unknown Adventure March 3, 1997
DL Lion's Den Daniel Lynn Adventure Sept. 16, 1995
DL School Adventure Unknown Action Unknown
DL Greg's Vill Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL SSDS: The Ultimate? Challenge Unknown Adventure Jan. 19, 1997
DL Search For The Ancient Hut Pimpin177 Action May 3, 1996
DL Bob Shaun100 Action Unknown
DL How do they cram all that graham? Nathan Williams Nathanware, Nathansoft Adventure Jan. 10, 1995
DL Tim's World Unknown Adventure Unknown
DL Cyber Purge The Green Herring Action, Puzzle Feb. 16, 2021 4.50
DL The Quest for Coffee - version Agent Orange PogeSoft Adventure, Other, Story, Update Feb. 3, 2021
DL CleenZZT The Green Herring Utility Feb. 16, 2021
DL ZZT Viewer 0.0 CyQ Utility Aug. 3, 2001
DL ZZT Music Player for Famicom zzo38 Utility Aug. 23, 2012
DL BmpToZZT4 TTTPPP Utility Nov. 25, 2004
DL Hell High (v1.1) Dan Page Adventure March 30, 1997
DL Jungle Greg Miller Adventure Unknown
DL Devastate (Demo) Unknown Paradigm Software May 3, 1997
DL Sam Unknown Action, Adventure April 2, 1997
DL Cool Mazes 2 Chris Palm Maze Unknown
DL ZZT Syndromes (October 1995) Barjesse Help Oct. 9, 1995
DL The World of Fun (alt) Jeff Hanson Adventure Unknown
DL The Dark Wars (Version 1.4) Unknown Action Nov. 13, 1994
DL ZZT Town 2: Sierra (alt) c-ball Adventure, Demo Dec. 3, 1998
DL Infestation 3 v1.0 coolzx Random Inc. Action Sept. 22, 2001
DL The Four Seasons Revival (earlier v1.x) Ringworm Adventure, Remake Unknown
DL 16 Horribly Boring Games That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Chair (2001) Michael Barash Puzzle Jan. 17, 2001
DL Mayhem (alt) Ultima Shooter Sept. 1, 2001
DL Hunter (Original) Lash Adventure Unknown
DL An ugly demonstration of the afterdeath movement bug thing. Nanobot Help Unknown
DL Destroy Big Bag Unknown March 20, 1997
DL Hell High 2 Dan Page Adventure Feb. 10, 1997
DL The Red Green Game Unknown Adventure, Fangame Jan. 11, 1997
DL The Legend of Golbez, Part 1: The Quest for the Orb Patrick Stephens Smackdown Games Adventure June 17, 1996
MOTORBOAT The Legend of Golbez, Part 1: The Quest for the Orb