ZZTAE v1.0.3

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21 years, 1 month ago (Apr 18, 2003)

The ZZT Advanced Editor, the best thing to make your new and hip ZZT games in. It's like ZZT, but everything is shinier. You can make instant background fades, without having to spend hours getting it to look just right. There are object libraries to keep you from having to re-create those Burger Joint-esque doors all the time. you never need STK again with ZZTAE, the entire palette is at your disposal by the press of a button. It even makes newly created boards completely blank; that's right, no yellow borders.

Having surpassed the buggy Kevedit as the leading ZZT editor, ZZTAE isn't without it's own share of bugs. You still have a chance of corrupting your ZZT, forcing the nervous, pessimistic ZZTers to constantly have to make back-ups.

This problem aside, ZZTAE is far better to use than ZZT. You still need ZZT to test your game though; ZZTAE is a true blue editor, no exceptions. If you don't think ZZTAE is for you, get it anyway. It's vast array of features might change your mind.

4.50 / 5.00

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