Yoshi in Eggs

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Cute game that mixes what you'd expect from ZZT Yoshi games with levels that take after (sometimes literally) Link's Adventure.

The game is a bit loose with key management, so it's possible to have keys for doors you've yet to reach in the open areas of the game and then run into the same keys/doors in the levels themselves.

As the game goes on though, there are a few legitimate bugs that prevent the game from being completed as intended. A number of boards don't have proper connections which prevents keys from being collected, and exits from being reached. Expect some extra effort if you try to finish this one yourself.

There's also a likely soft-lock in the Plant Jungle level in Plant Jungle Room 6. Slimes fill the outer region of the board with players having plenty of time to enter a transporter to the inner region. However, you do need to be able to exit as well which requires having a clear path through the transporter. This can be done by just waiting next to the transporter for the slime to fill the rest of the room.

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