Demon Attack

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2 years, 2 months ago (Jul 23, 2021)

Demon Attack is a single-board action game about, well, fighting demons. These demons are red section signs that charge and shoot at you, and they endlessly respawn unless you destroy the source with the bombs next to the duplicators. This is a task made more dangerous by the ricochets that surround the entire arena, so you have to watch out for your own bullets as well as the demons'. After fragging every demon on the board with your respawning ammo, smashing breakable walls and slow-moving gates along the way... you'll have no choice but to either shoot yourself with ricocheting bullets or quit to the title screen, because there is no win condition programmed in. That the demons do not give points when shot also means you cannot even play the game for score. Oh, and the ammo duplicator can be easily broken, and not just by blocking it, because there's nothing stopping either you from picking up the source ammo, or a demon from pushing it away. Skip this one.

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