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My Liver Hurtz
20 years, 1 month ago (Oct 15, 2003)

When I saw this in the database, I got pretty excited. But then I saw the 9kb file size and I stated panicing a bit. Was this another popular movie/comic turned into a horrible ZZT game like the Matrix? A wasted opportunity?

I downloaded and played. It was disappointing, but it was as bad as the Matrix or Lois and Clark.

Sound: Not much, but that's better than bad music.

Graphics: Unstable. The title screen is horrible, so is the intro, but then in the game things start shaping up, then drop again to boards made of nothing but preprogrammed enemies and white solids, then back to almost decent, then down again. It seems the author was in a very big hurry to make this game. Oh, and there was STK... a good sign.

Plot: Wasn't much. Choose your X-man (doesn't impact the game very much, I was disappointed with the limited character selection technology) and stop Magneto from carrying out another one of his cooky plans.

Gameplay: Shoot your way through... even if your X-man doesn't have laser eyes or lightning bolts... also, gameplay was more linear than any other game I've played. Except maybe life of a player. You keep on walking to the right, then eventually you will go down and then to the right again.

Programming: A lot of preprogrammed enemies, and a few object enemies. The bosses are very similar, however the first is much harder than the other two I managed to face before game over. The first was throwing many stars, then suddenly the author doesn't use stars anymore. Again, instability in the game making process. The programming must be efficiant... this game seems larger than the measily 9kb zipped.

Considering this game was made years ago (At least that's what I can discern from the filesize) the game's score is being bumped up a bit.

1.50 / 5.00

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