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17 years, 11 months ago (Aug 03, 2006)

I know this is just a demo but even then its missing some things...

First of all - The enemies could be a little more enthusiastic. When I walk into an area one person says "Look out!" And then they move lethargecly after me. A few of them even shot other officers. Instead of say many officers like this I'd rather like to see 2 or 3 officers who are fast and shoot lots at you. Maybe they shooting them only makes them angrier? Maybe it takes 2 shots to kill them? (The zap function is great for minor bosses or slightly stronger enemies!) And when they run from you try and have them run towards the exit or something. And not just away from you as they can (and often did) get stuck in corners.

Next, keep instant deaths to a minimum as nobody likes these. Having trees that kill you when you pick the wrong option is not fun at all. Maybe you could have instead it hurt you or something instead of kill you.

Thirdly, the text is somewhat unimaginative. I liked the begining a fair bit and the one cinimatic sequence a bit less but it otherwise seemed rather dull. Maybe while your shooting them they're could be talking going on like

Guard 1: Men! Pull your guns out! Guard 2: Stun I presume? Guard 1: Not on my life your not! Kill...


Guard 1: Holy crap! Its radio active! Guard 1: Kill it! Kill it! You: You mean the guards? Guard 2: No... Except for guard 1 maybe. Guard 1: No! No! Kill guard 2! You: Your confusing me. Which one do I kill? Guard 3: Aww what the hell. Kill them both. You: Maybe you'd like to join them? And the fight presumes...

Something like that. And one more thing. Please use proper spelling and punctuation. I know its probably your first published game and stuff but if you learn it now it saves your reputation somewhere on down the line.

And one more thing: Some of the grafics where nice. I like the one where you go south of the crossroads and you see the 2 buildings. But the other screens need improvment.

Anyways, I hope this helps. I'm hoping to release a demo of a game I'm making and would really look forward to hearing your review of my game. Although it still needs a few touches...

-Shadow Mage

1.50 / 5.00

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