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21 years, 3 months ago (Aug 29, 2002)

One of the first games I downloaded from this site. Draco originally came up with the concept and the first few boards. Then he left. Nadir picked it up from where he left off. He did a good job imitating both his graphical style and his comedy. I honestly can't tell when he picked up.

But less about the history of the game and more about the story. The game takes place in a town where for many generations its inhabitants have tourmented by a demons and beasts flowing out of a crypt. You, the stranger, have come to save them for some reason.

The game quickly cuts to the chase with no unnecessary cinimatics or boards. The game is a dungeon game. Some people are turned off by simple exploratory games with very little dynamic. Sure you do the same things: shoot the demon, search the body, grab a arrow, light a torch, and contuinue on. But what makes this game stick is it is able to create a mood. The widespread use of the colour red really makes the game feel cool. Adding to that are the tons of mangled bodies you find and their darkly comic discriptions.

The ending is a bit thin, and unless the other game i'm thinking about came after it, it's been done before. But it is well drawn,( i like how you can see that guy's spine )

My only complaint is that mid-way through the levels there wasn't a part that fowarded to story any, and that in the later level there was no simple way out except the way you came in. Well, i suppose it's more realistic that way.

4.00 / 5.00

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