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20 years, 2 months ago (Sep 17, 2003)

This has the makings of a decent game. It's buggy, as reported by the author who I think is retiring :(

Basically there are a few levels where you fight loads of soldiers with a bullet-sword engine. It's rather frantic and could have been cooler if just a few features were added.

Suggestions: The level menu is neat looking but abstract and removes from the feeling of the game. A world map with levels (some you would have to fight to get at) would have been better.

Also multiple board levels would have been cool. Three would have been enough a level, like sieging a castle, there'd be the field, north of that the moat, and then the castle.

The graphics are simple but add to the games arcade feeling and are never annoying. The difficulty setting is apreciated but you should set it at the menu, and instead of weapons, it should have been classes. A fighter would have a sword and 200 health points, an archer would have a bow, and 100 health points, and so on.

It was fun, until it bugged out. Then I had to put it away because a game so close to being really good is sort of depressing.

3.50 / 5.00

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