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15 years, 10 months ago (Oct 25, 2007)

I found this game several months ago via random search, and then I promptly deleted it. Afterwards, I decided I wanted to look at it again, but I couldn't quite remember what the game was called. This bugged me for months, and I couldn't locate it on the archive. You'd think that searching for war, battle, fight, army, blind, anything like that would bring it up. But no, it's called Visual Height.

This is what it's about: a blind war veteran named Frank Herbert mulls around town, unappreciated by its two inhabitants CON MAN and GROCERY MAN. He sits down by the grave of a fallen comrade, and then enters a flashback. The game ends there.

The strange use of grammar and the blobby art style of the main character's portrait make me firmly believe that if this game had been finished, every last bit of it would have been as strangely enchanted as the demo itself.

This is not a good game, but like a bad pop song that gets stuck in your head, the premise is somehow memorable. I'll bet in five years I'll think of this game again and not remember what the hell it was called.

2.00 / 5.00

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