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20 years ago (Jul 02, 2004)

Remember that time is ZZT's history when it was all about AOL? Where Coolness and Yoshi's Island were the be-all end-all as ZZT games were concerned? Where Zed-Omega Productions ruled the gaming world with an iron fist?. . . . . Me neither. I wasn't around then, but that's what makes ZZT Times so interesting.

It is of course, a magazine first, and it has the standard previews, reviews, mini-games, programming tricks, and the like, all of which are handled quite nicely (though a bit overdone on the plugs for Sock Munching Ocelots and Nintendo Dinosaurs) but more than that, for anyone interested in ZZT's early history, it provides a snapshot of the ol' scene, circa 1995.

From an interview with Gregory Jansen (though not a good one, unfortunately), to a preview of "Warlord's Temple" to a gaming survey that shows the top games of the day (and including several titles unrecognizable... note to self, download AOL compilation), to cameos from all the programmers of the day (JDewbre even!) It's as if you've comissioned a time machine for the incredibly stupid task of charting the history of an ANSI game programs.

In any case, it's worth seeing for a laugh or two (especially Tucan's thinking that Yenrab was a guy,), and a definite reccomendation to anyone looking for some old-skool zzt. (Is that redundant or what?)

4.50 / 5.00

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