Their Way, the Soulful Way

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By: gingermuffins
Reviewed: 14 years, 7 months ago (Dec. 23, 2007)

Their Way, the Soulful Way is a short 24hozzt entry from a contest where the topic was "Person." What kind of topic is that? It sounds like a dumb topic.

Then you get this game with a rockin interpretation of it. You pass through a small bar as a dude, and then again as a chick, with a different personality, different worries, and a different social circle. One character sees a random couple, the other sees her friends, dude sees guy in the corner, chick sees ex-boyfriend in the corner.

It's a damn cool effect and a shame it wasn't used more in zzt games; you don't even need to make a copy of the board, just use a flag and an #if check on every object.

Hercules, the author, also put extra detail into it: _(begin spoilers)_ when you're the chick, you can find grafitti the dude probably wrote. while stoned and dancing in the parking lot, the chick can be seen. That stuff is swell and helps to anchor both perspectives. _(end spoilers)_

It gets a little odd (it's one of those trippy games) and you may need to pausecheat in the one section of gameplay, but it's really pretty cool and worth looking at.

Another game that uses multiple perspectives is Rogue Three.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0
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