The Hague: City behind the Dunes

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3 years, 3 months ago (Jan 26, 2021)

The Hague: City behind the Dunes gives an adequate representation of how The Hague was (perceived to be) in the nineties. It is a very multi-cultural city, with good and bad neighborhoods, with famous beaches, culture and music, so well done.

The game is a bit too casual racist though, which was unfortunately all too common in the nineties. It is the main reason I would not recommend the game now. Has drugs and sex too, but well, it's The Netherlands, so who cares.

It's pretty short, but there is an actual story pushed into it. You do get attached to the characters (based on real-life people?). Boards are well done too, nothing felt out of place.

2.50 / 5.00

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