SaintZZT 3rd

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17 years, 10 months ago (Jul 23, 2006)

Having played (And won) this games, four things stick in my mind:

The author was not exactly fluent with the English language when they made this, however almost all of the dialog is understandable... after a fashon.

Some of the objects have sloppy programming, including lack of approprate #lock commands, so touching something out of order can block any progress in the game.

In some cases the board entrances aren't lined up, or just aren't connected, or a vital door/passage object isn't programmed correctly, blocking any further progress in the game. This requires use of UnLockPRO.

Finally, the game is a well thought out "Adventure" with objects, inventories, RPG battles, etc. Note also in a few rooms the "extention" of the blue panel to the right of the gameboard. THAT I find highly helpful and inventive.

I'll give it a 4.5 despite the hacking required.

4.50 / 5.00

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