Super Fighter

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Bug Report

On the starting board, the boss enemy is hidden beneath statted empties (mutliple times).

Said boss's check to open the door when defeated incorrectly runs #send:ok instead of #send door:ok.

The exit object immediately deletes the object used to steer your ship downward and allows the player to exit without defeating the boss due to checking for the lack of any blue objects on the board, which there are none to begin with.

The exit passage to the second board dumps you in the wrong location (on a dark board with no torches!) because it is not the same color as either of the passages (and would put you at the exit passage anyway because both of those passages are the same color).

The exit passage to the third board also dumps you in the wrong location because it's the same color as the third board's exit passage, which lets you exit the board immediately (which is otherwise impossible without cheating because it asks you to shoot something with no ammo)

The "dotted block" on the final board does nothing despite what the game says, because it gets its values overwritten by the engine's attempt to spawn the Messenger on a 150/150 stats board, resulting in the stat's second parameter ("is this object locked?") becoming 22, thus permanently #locking the object and preventing it from ever working.

(Report entered by Dr. Dos, original report by The Green Herring)

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