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Stratego is a collection of five challenging puzzles. In each puzzle, your goal is to reach a white statue that then delivers you a key. You must collect all five keys to procede to the Castle of Stratego.

If you are in the mood for a few good slider puzzles and other such mind challenges, this may be just what you want. This game holds some of the most intricate puzzle that I've seen, and it should give your brain a nice workout.


Fun Factor: This game is really fun if you're the puzzle type. As far as solid puzzle games go, this is definitely one of the top. The puzzles are difficult enough ensure that you don't beat it too easily, yet not so hard that you quickly become frustrated and stop playing.

Gameplay: The puzzles are generally very solid. As in most games with intricate moving parts such as this, there is sometimes and occasional glitch that prevents you from continuing on as normal, but in most cases you must work hard to create such a glitch on purpose.

Graphics: It's hard to apply a graphics rating in a puzzle game. A wide variety of colors are used on each board, causing your mind to "wake up" and become attentive for the puzzles. There isn't any necessarily attractive graphics, though that isn't a necessity for a puzzle game like this.

Plot: The plot is minimal, as would be expected in an average puzzle game. An attempt at a plot is at least shown.

Sound: There is no sound or music in this game, besides the default sound effects.


Nanobot's Genre-Based Weight System

Genre: Puzzle

Fun Factor (75% weight): 80/100 Gameplay (10% weight): 85/100 Graphics (5% weight): 30/100 Plot (5% weight): 40/100 Sound (5% weight): 0/100

Final Percent: 72% Rating: 4

4.00 / 5.00

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