Space Fighter: Mercenary

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Max Gene
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19 years, 8 months ago (Jul 17, 2003)

Ever played one of those games where you have a cool spaceship, and you have to fight off huge, even cooler space ships? Yeah? Well this is one of them. I'm a fan, so here's how it works: You are Captain Rodite, a mercenary who hasn't been on many missions, but neither you or your ship is a slouch (though the ship could use some upgrades), and soon become caught up in the Ekul rebellion against the empire. You get the chance to upgrade main shields at the beginning, and add on ammo (required, you start with zero), shielding (constructs 4 walls, stops you, needs gems but offers perfect protection) and hyperdrive (torches, makes the ship go faster. Not useful really). The games good part are the battles, which don't take long but are quite fun. You fight in a control center. Pushing left or right rotates the ship that way, up shoots, and down accesses the extras. Extras will raise shields, activate hyperdrive, or use the chain cannon, which comes after the talon mission and causes you to move some when shooting, useful for destroying small, mobile enemies. There are also 2 gun battles out of the ship. When you're done, download the sequel, which is much shorter but involves the story finishing final battle. Like I said, I'm a fan, and I hope that mercenary 3 comes out. This was too short since it was so good, I'm starved for more.

5.00 / 5.00

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