Smiley Guy (remake)

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20 years, 5 months ago (Dec 24, 2002)

Smiley Guy is one of the best. With very non-linear gameplay (for the time at least), nice graphics, and good gameplay. This game was so good that when Zenith made a SE, he only had to change the graphics. The only pre-programmed monsters in the entire game was a set of centipedes at the begining. From begining to end this game drips of originality. The story is bizzare and funny. Treking through a monster/robot is engaging and it's neat to see all the different parts of the body. The puzzles incoperate flags accross many different boards; while a standard now, it certainly was not in 1991. Then when you think the game will sucumb to the archetypes of 1991 standards and you just know that the last boss will be shooting in four directions and throwing an ungodly amount of stars, he doesn't. And instead you playfully chase him around the room until you catch him. The graphics were great and sometimes very humourous. There is little that makes this game weak, except for perhaps the deep throat boards and the mazes. But even the maze was interesting. And the deep throat boards were the earliest of this type i've seen. My advice, PLAY THIS GAME. You won't regret it.

4.00 / 5.00

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