Mr. Shapiro Cares Not For Lies

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Shapiro's Finest Hour

By: dave2
Reviewed: 18 years, 11 months ago (Dec. 12, 2003, midnight)

This is one of the first ZZT games I ever played and remains one of my favourites. It's full of great puzzles that keep you thinking, but not too hard. The game stays interesting but never gets hard enough to make you frustrated, in that lovable Eurakarte style. I guarantee you'll love climbing up Mt. Fobster playing through tons of multi-gameplay styles... Karte put everything in this game. Part RPG, part Dungeon-crawl, part Side Scroller, this is the game that lets you do a little of everything. Not for the serious, this game never takes itself too seriously. 0.5 was lost for it's shortness (and large number of item-hunt style boards that smashed it's replayability). Give it a whirl!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
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