Zephyre Syx
Review Date
18 years, 3 months ago (Oct 21, 2004)

Hey, I like this game. It has love written all in it(or maybe I have played so much rpg/inventory/cinema games with whoop-di-do graphics and sound, anything different looks good). Nah really, Casper's creative style is something not to be overlooked, and I like every bit of it. Since I'm a puzzle/adventure loving audience, it gets a specious rating.

_Game Play_ Fun Factor/Replay-If you love one-level world puzzle/adventure game that is a large enough to satisfy you, this is your game. Though, the graphics might not be impressive at the beginning, the game play is the active element. Features/Elements-You move through the castle with a bat and a gun of some sort, and bash anything that moves, namely robotz. Though this is not the only thing you do. You, of course, will have to solve a little puzzle here and there, and may have to backtrack to solve previous ones. This game has all kinds of different types of robots, security systems, and dangers, so it won't get too tiring. I went through the game just to find challenges, and non'of'em didn't disappoint me. Some object programming uses the "smack check" pretty well,...well, exept the buzzsaws. Just being at contact is deadly. The vent section is the most impressive. I never thought to use "those things" to create draft, I ENVY YOU!! Speed-Game Play seem to slow down when it comes to backtracking to places you need to be. A bit taxing.

_Atmosphere_ Visual-Eww. Red on grey solid-fill'd normals?! The beginning part is what you have to worry about. It's not wrong to use abstract colour for stage sections, ...itthedamnrightuglyones!! Ex. Funky dark green and doo doo brown. Sound/Music-The music is not included. The sfx is simple and average. Imagetry-Naul, there ain't nan. It might not go together with the random coloured stages.

_Story_ You're walter, a treasure hunter that kinda ran into the hide out of the notorious hacker Jasper, which happens to be inside of some dude's castle. You have two objectives, find the treasure and straight jack homestyle that's running the place. I don't judge story strongly in puzzle/adventure game. It's the experience. So...yeah, it's a go.

I played both Rotten Robots and Revenge of the Ruffian, and I like the level layout and design in both the games. It's very unique and I kinda wish I could just come up with stages just like that. My mind works too complex for my own good.


4.00 / 5.00
Review Date
19 years, 1 month ago (Dec 02, 2003)

It's obvious that caspar put a lot of effort into this game. Each board has a different feel and different goal. However, the game was lacklustre. The graphics were minimal, and nevermind minimal, the colour selection was poor as well. It's a long game, and if it was more visually or atmosphericly pleasing, I might have been able to finish it. This is a certain improvement over the Xquest games, but I suggest to Caspar to try to focus less on scope and length, and more on grabbing the attention of the player with story and visuals.

2.50 / 5.00

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