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21 years ago (Dec 01, 2002)

From what I remember, Evan Darrow was a designer back in the days of 1992-1995ish times, when ZZT was really active on AOL (sadly, the service for ZZTers has all but disappeared). Evan Darrow wanted to charge for many of his games, but the games were very amatuerish, usually resulting in no plot, and gigantic meshes of battles with premade monsters and slightly-programmed objects. I really don't suggest that any of Darrow's games are worth looking at, even though they were done at such an early age. An example of a game of much better quality but was done at the same time is Link's Adventure Trilogy, and although that game will not be ranked highly now (post-STK era), the game was definitely a classic of the time. Darrow's games will be not.


0.00 / 5.00

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