Rotten Robots 2: Revenge of SID

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14 years, 7 months ago (Sep 09, 2009)

Now the 4 is the only score, and sadly, this game isn't a 4 out of 5 experience.

It has the blueprint of an enjoyable game, but it's bugginess screws things up. A Special Edition (with bug-fixes, some more clarifying story and/or conversations and maybe some more challenging puzzles) would be deserving of a 4. But this version is just a bit behind.

0.50 / 5.00
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14 years, 7 months ago (Aug 28, 2009)

That wasn't supposed to happen.

In this game, you play the role of Walter, a retired treasure hunter and robot bruiser who was also the hero in Rotten Robots part 1. Complete old school action adventure, with some minor complications.

The game starts at Walter's home. He's watching TV, with nothing to do. The phone rings. Someone's trying to warn you, but the line's cut off.

Wandering about the house, I got ambushed unarmed and decided to try again. This time, I was victorious and I met Salesman, a friend from Rotten Robots part 1.

I liked how it got me directly involved in the game. The Salesman, who will contact you on several occasions in the game, is a nice touch - he gives some kind of cause to it all. Because you make progress from one location into the other, the game has a nice pace and you feel you're getting onward every time you finish a scene. The locations are nicely drawn, a bit basic, but the colours are very pleasant and overall, this would be a very enjoyable game.

There are, however, a couple of mistakes that make the game difficult, if not impossible, to finish.

Some robots will ?seek attack you and drain your life. As you can't shoot them, you're lost.

Sometimes they will gather around you and you are doomed. You will be attacked out of the blue, which is fun, but sometimes a death trap you can't avoid.

Some puzzles are a bit vague. The game sometimes seems to punish you randomly (The Bunker).

There are Bosses (good idea!), but it's not completely clear how they should be destroyed.

It's a shame such minor flaws make gameplay akward from time to time. The game shows potential, I do hope Caspar will release another game.

Because I accidentally gave this game a zero, I'll even it out with a four.

4.00 / 5.00

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