Resident Evil

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Dr. Dos
5 years, 9 months ago (Sep 18, 2018)

The game opens to a well animated introduction. It's just drawings rather than ZZT objects running around, but the effects are really nice.

The story is not exactly accurate to the canon, but that's not important here. What is important is getting away from the zombies.

You play as Chris from the first RE game. He's about to cure the virus when some jerk ruins everything. The plot is pretty dumb. So, props for accuracy.

The game uses a reloading system and an inventory system. This lets you hold on to healing items and forces you to be cautious with your shots as it takes quite a few to kill zombies, and it takes time to actually reload.

The game is actually kind of tense despite the zombies being smiley faces due to just how vicious they are. It is extremely easy to get attacked, and doesn't take much to die.

The game has Chris mixing chemicals and picking locks, and this would have made 100% sense if it was Jill or, idk probably anybody in the series other than Chris, but again, it's more fun as it's own little ZZT thing.

It's way too short unfortunately, and ends... completely resolved, the one time a cliffhanger ZZT ending would have been more fitting. There's definitely the groundwork here for what a survival horror game in ZZT might be like, but it feels like it's just a proof of concept more than anything else.

Still, it's fun to run through just to do it.

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