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May 16, 2001
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By: Pal
Reviewed: 18 years, 10 months ago (Nov 7, 2003)

This is a whole collection of songs used in zzt games.

It teaches a lot and is there for your listening pleasures????.

Its worth the download if you want music in your zzt game and dont have a clue how you make the damn music yourself.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0
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By: MadTom
Reviewed: 19 years, 11 months ago (Oct 26, 2002)

WiL is the only truly excellent musician ZZTer that I have ever known. His contemporaries, Viovis, kev-san, jojoisjo, with all their musical epitomes (e.g. kev-san's soundtrack for New Earth Operations: Part One and Viovis' expressive blues from his PPDV games and Chickenwire) pale in comparison to him.

While I credit my start in ZZT music to Viovis, WiL's music inspired me the most. Here was what could truly be done with that PC speaker. Here was what Sweeney meant the #play command to be used for, and more. And here is the greatest collection of ZZT music ever assembled.

The songs in this collection serve as nothing more to prove that which we already know; nobody but nobody beats WiL in terms of ZZT music.

( Nice layout, too. )

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
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