Pirate Perils

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Pirate Perils

By: Commodore
Reviewed: 17 years, 1 month ago (May 10, 2005)

Are there any pirate games in ZZT? Outside of this one? If so let me know, but if not, this will have to satisfy your swashbuckling needs for the time being.

Made in 1995 (as I gather from the file date) this game is pretty generic, but still somehow appealing. I think its the pirate aspect, and the fact that the designer knows how to use flags appropriately. He execute some of the basic ZZT tricks, stuff you just plain wouldn't see if no effort was put into the game.

There is no STK in the game, but you'll be running around for the most part on yellow fakes. You see your ship has crashed on a island and it's your job to get it fixed, which somehow has to do with destroying a volcano god. It's not very clear, but along the way you'll fight various other pirates with colourful names like Cyanpants, and sea monsters. All the bosses excluding the last pirate and last monster are pretty easy, but still can hit you a few times, which is a problem, seeing as health is pretty limited in the game. The main difficulty of the last two bosses comes from their star throwing. Which isn't overwhelming for the most part. (Although it seems so on the last boss, his various parts that you kill will reduce the number he throws. I beat him in a few tries with 160 health, 10 remaining afterwards.)

Most of the enemies are prefabs, although there are a few number of object enemies later.

An interesting feature of the game is setting the difficulty, which will adjust how much health and ammo you have at the beginning of the game.

So c'mon! Kill some ruffians, swashbuckle some pirates, slay some sea monsters, save a princess, and join me for adventure on the high seas! (well... okay, island.)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0
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