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4 months, 2 weeks ago (Oct 14, 2023)
Bug Report

In Atomic2.zzt's train carriage board, players are able to instantly win a fight with a guard by sneaking behind them. Errors in the code cause the sneak check to succeed as long as the player is positioned south of the guard when the two come in contact. This allows players to stand still while the guard is moving south and let them walk into you to defeat them instantly.

If you fight the guard instead, choosing to punch or kick may result in a coding error as the success of the attack is based on a check for being blocked in a random direction with #if blocked rndp rndne try. Try is a reserved word and instead the object attempts to move with no direction specified and the object halts execution.

In Atomicx.zzt's various sites at the air field, the guards feature a different coding error where choosing either Hit him unconscious or Grab his bayonet and stab him when fighting will cause the object to halt due an incorrect line of code, #if blocked woo, which fails to specify a direction.

(Report entered by Dr. Dos, original report by The Green Herring)

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