Operation: GAMMA VELORUM, Part 2

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Dr. Dos
5 years, 4 months ago (Dec 06, 2018)

If you liked Part 1, I hope you want more of the same. The game is even more cutscene heavy, and features a few different engies, of varying quality. I think it's easier than part one.

There's only one RPG battle which is weird because they make a big deal out of getting supplies for it.

Again the animations are great, but while they're flashy in part 1, they're kind of expected here. There's nothing really new brought in here, and the few things that could be interesting SPOILERS (Meagan's ship being shot and the ruined space station after the attack) sound like good avenues to explore, but Quantum unfortunately skips right over them.

Not as hyped to replay part 3 as I was to replay part 2.

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