Nexus: Future's Past

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21 years, 1 month ago (Aug 29, 2002)

Nexus takes place in the future where they have discovered how to traverse time. The technology has been used for studying different cultures in Earth's past. At the begining of the game you find out that aliens far more advanced that humans, have set up military bases in different places in time and your mission is to destroy them.

Well It's hard to do a time traveling game without someone comparing it to Chrono Wars. So I'll let some other reviewer do that.

Instead I'll touch on the graphics. Well there isn't much of that. No, but seriously, Liver (can i use just Liver? I like to use nouns for names...) Liver uses very little range of colour. Its rare when you'll see more than three colours on a board, and when there are more colours, they're usually there because they're the bulit in enemies. The graphics aren't bad, just sparse. Liver uses STK on every board and the graphics never hurt your eyes. Their simplicity actually is quite pleasing on the eyes.

The gameplay seems to play the secondary to the plot. It seems as though Liver had this idea in his/her head for a game and wanted to get it all down as quickly as possible before he/she forgot. The game uses a lot of built in enemies. The most abundant being catapillars which is the first trap the majority of zzters fall into. (They are pretty cool, just boring after the fifth one with 25+ segments.)

So to sum up.

Liver made the story of primary importance (you can tell by the long scrolls of information pumped at you.) Game play seems rushed and at some times Sweenyesque. Graphics sort of ran hand and hand with game play. The story made the game. But i really don't like the paradoxal title. coughBack-to-the-future....Ahem Excuse me....

3.00 / 5.00

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