Monster Invasion in Las Vegas Disc 1

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21 years, 10 months ago (Aug 30, 2002)

I left Soup while this game was being made!!! And i didnt expect it to be worse than i thought it was. Please note that this isnt my game so dont accuse me for reviewing my own game because it isnt. Working for soup doesnt mean this is my game. Anyways, here is my review:

This game just killed my hard drive!!! I wasted an odd amount of space playing this. What more can this game bring? An ultra easy rpg engine, dull graphics, and boredom!!! Yes kids, sounds like another Soup game to me! And i thought you are supposed to eat soup and not play with it!

Pros- The last soup game before it died!

Cons- Graphics Gameplay You get bored playing it!

How to rate it? I think my thumbs will just drop to the floor right about now!

0.00 / 5.00

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