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20 years, 10 months ago (Oct 31, 2002)

I played this game because a friend of mine wanted to see ZZT in action, and so I picked a random game from the archive. It turned out to be 'The Search For The Magic Flamingo'. I thought to myself - it's got a silly name so the plot's bound to be poor after about three boards. In actual fact there wasn't really much plot, but the obvious (find afore mensioned flamingo). However it was enough to get me to play the whole thing. There is little or no music, which I think is a good thing. Too many games use less than good music which only really serves to piss the player off after a couple of goes. It does however make those pleasing blips and arpedgio things when you pick stuff up, or do something good. There was a good selection of boards, although most of them tended to be simply shoot the creatures and touch the stuff. Despite this the uniformity of level style made it flow well. The puzzles in the game were far too easy, especially the boulder push (see level eight for an example). Overall the game was very playable and quite satisfying to play.

4.00 / 5.00

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