KevEdit v0.5.0 (DOS)

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21 years, 1 month ago (May 15, 2003)

Kevedit hates me. A lot.

Great utility, it's the only thing that I have used besides ZZTAE, and when CyQ discontinued that, I went to Kevedit.

one thing that makes Kevedit bad is the fact that it crashes...easily. I was typing something by using F4, and I figured that it would create a new line if I went out of the border. ZZTAE would do that, but Kevedit wouldn't.

It crashed, corrupting my ZZT file, and making me have to start all over in the 24hozzt. (THANKS KEVEDIT)

Other than that, the utility is great. I recommend getting it, because it makes ZZT editing a million times easier.

4.00 / 5.00
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21 years, 2 months ago (May 03, 2003)

I hadn't ever used KevEdit before 0.5.0 was released; I'd been using ZZTAE, and when CyQ told me he was discontinuing the project he suggested I try KevEdit instead.

KevEdit is a fantastic ZZT editor that not only saves the average ZZTer considerable time in their projects (like the cut-and-paste feature ... no more transferring pictures one character at a time!), but also allows one to tweak ZZT in ways that the classic editor and even ZZTAE simply do not allow, such as adding and removing object stats.

The fade tool is excellent and can be manipulated very freely, combining the selection and buffer functions. The interface is very practical and elegant, and the help files very thorough.

I've noted a couple of minor bugs in this version, but otherwise KevEdit is a fantastic ZZT editor, and anyone who hasn't should definitely give it a try!

It's good that there's a Windows version available, too.

5.00 / 5.00

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