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Perhaps the best ZZT I've ever played.

By: Abernathy Nabag
Reviewed: 7 months ago (May 9, 2022, midnight)

I was enthralled through the story, only getting frustrated with the puzzles once. I loved that evey object that I wanted to investigate was touchable to get a description. Touching more than once was often rewarded with additional pithy details. Anna Anthropy skillfully let the environment tell the story through a myriad of glimpses into her world. I wish I could give this five stars, but this game is so superior to any other ZZT game I've played, that's Anna Anthropy has raised the bar. I expect better now and am reserving my five star rating for when she releases another game that's even better than this. How could it be better? Mainly, I found the end of the game disappointing and confusing. What was going on? Who is saying what? Did I just trigger a "bad ending" because I messed up somewhere and need to try again for the "good ending"? Also, I wish there were more puzzles. As much as I love the atmosphere of exploring by touching every object, at some point it gets to be too much like Robot Finds Kitten (the Zen simulation). I could feel my brain itching to interact and "solve", not just perceive.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
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Nice Cats

By: Agent Orange
Reviewed: 9 months, 1 week ago (March 5, 2022, midnight)

JJ: If I explore this spooky mansion, senpai* will notice me!


JJ: oh no

Cat: Mrrow?

Good fun, and very good ASCII animations. Weave 2 breathes new life into some old ZZT gameplay styles to make this a satisfying spooky adventure.

*not literally

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Anthropy + Weave = A Most Immersive ZZT Experience

By: Zephyr
Reviewed: 9 months, 1 week ago (March 4, 2022, midnight)

Jennifer Janowski is Doomed (henceforth JJD) is Anna Anne Anthropy's first release with WiL's Weave 2. Like Anthropy's earlier titles, JJD is a short, beautiful game with an engaging story and strong attention to detail. The environments are some of the finest in ZZT, with effective sound effects and some of the best animations I have seen. The story is revealed gradually as you progress through the environment and interact with well-designed objects. It is all very professional. Anthropy's expertise in game design is on full display.

What's more, in JJD, Anthropy's artistic vision is empowered with the increased functionality of Weave 2, which she uses skillfully to make an even more immersive ZZT experience. Anthropy deftly uses Weave's new commands and customization options to craft a world that is all its own. It still absolutely a ZZT game, but is ZZT liberated, subtly molded to Anthropy's vision. It is fresh and exhilarating, and it makes me excited about the future. Jennifer Janowski may be Doomed, but ZZT is more vibrant than ever.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
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Is clever

By: WiL
Reviewed: 9 months, 1 week ago (March 2, 2022, midnight)

I may have lived the charmed life but I went all the way through and experienced no hangups or bugs. I was surprised and creeped at a couple places.

The game: You are the titular jennifer in the creepy house. You encounter a variety of difficulties and experience several environments. In the end you resolve the mystery of the house.

The game is: Short, but ZZT games should not outstay their welcome. I enjoyed all the different little things to look at and the different little puzzles.

The sound: Very nice, effective.

The looks: Excellent

The feels: Feely

The darkness: All-encompassing

Rating: 5 Jimmyjons out of 5 Jingleheimers

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
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