Evocation; super tyrannous robin hood adventure

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16 years, 9 months ago (May 28, 2006)

Zero worth and validity. F-.

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17 years, 10 months ago (Apr 30, 2005)

The thing about this game that make it horrible is generally it's lack of fun factor. There are other things as well; such as mediocre graphics and inaccurate cameos of various ZZTers. The only funny thing about this game was the cameo of Scorch being a fat, drunken homosexual. Overall this game is pretty much like Chrono Chaos except without the retarded ramblings of Scorch and with the EVOCATIVE DIALOGUE of Tyrannous.

A .5, and I'm being fairly generous about that.

0.50 / 5.00
Ryan Ferneau
Review Date
19 years, 5 months ago (Oct 19, 2003)

This is the game that was demoed in Evocation magazine #2, but with a few more boards. I'm thinking this is set in the Star Trek universe, due to the amount of sci-fi crap inside your house/apartment and the number of holograms and -5 hp force fields outside your house/apartment.

Anyway, you play as someone named Trip Head or Trish Ed or something like that, and your friend, a pie from the moon (green cheesecake?), invites you to play a hologram game in the halomatrix (shouldn't that be "holomatrix"?). But first, you have to bravely ignore the drunken guy, bravely figure out that force fields hurt, and bravely perform a convenient series of events that allows you to kill a (holographic? I can never remember) donkey.

Now, if you've watched Star Trek as much as I have, you should know that whenever anyone tries to have fun in the Holodeck, some freak comes along, locks everybody inside, and turns off the safety so it's like real life. In this game, that freak is Tyrannous. He kidnaps some chump named Scorch and forces you to band together with some other people who share the names of ZZTers to play a game of Robin Hood (hey, didn't this happen in Star Trek, too?).

So you get a bit of information from some people with important-sounding names who teleport around for no reason, and then a bunch of people run off to an empty board and an archer shows up. You can kill the archer if you remembered to grab the ammo two boards back. Also, you can go two boards to the right to see some purple flowers (only one of which triggers a text box), a bird in a tree, and an unprogrammed yellow smiley named Hercules (the legendary hero?). That's about it.

There is a shocking number of empty boards in this game. Only one unused board actually had something in it, but there was no real explanation of what it was. Probably some brown cave or something.

1.00 / 5.00

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