Madam Grizelda

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2 years, 6 months ago (Mar 12, 2021)

Madam Grizelda is a nice story ZZT-world. You're sent to make a documentary about a woman living alone on a mountain house, who is not as innocent as it seems.

The interactivity feels just right: enough to explore, while relevant enough to get the kubrick-esque atmosphere going. Visuals and animations are relatively simple, but I found them powerful enough to get drawn in, especially the toilet, but maybe that's just me.

Nice '90s vibes too, with movies like Waterland playing in the cinema. Also always nice to get a glimpse at the lives of the creators, breaking the 4th wall just a little to give a ZZT world that unique extra bit of engagement. I'm tempted to believe that Madam Grizelda actually lived near Mark, Bruno and Filipe.

Gameplay is good, not too hard, and only minor bugs. It is clear from the start that this was a creative endeavor between friends and the game delivers on that.

3.50 / 5.00

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