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21 years, 4 months ago (Dec 01, 2002)

Hey, its my first review. I've been playing ZZT since like 1993, but haven't made anything since then so probably nobody knows me. (I code in C). But since I have played a lot of games, I guess I'll offer a few reviews, this being the first.

I always thought Fury Spell was a very impressive title, which is disappointing, given that I never really saw it given a great review, and found it lying on some random website. However...

Get the bad things out of the way. The plot has nothing too special here. "Evil Wizard killed your master and you must avenge him" or something, though I must say that the ending is very interesting. In the music department, I don't think there was anything spectacular. Some tunes were fine though.

The graphics were really good for its age, I think. The RPG graphics were well-designed and the shading showed adequate experience in ZZT graphics. The subtle animations were dutifully worked on.

Gameplay... I think this game really shines here. I like the concept of collecting spells from different sources and using them in RPG-battles everywhere. RPG Battles have now become commonplace, ever since probably 1999, but the Fury Spell works it out fine. My only complaint was that the last battle was ANNOYINGLY annoying to win.

I really thought this was a good game. Recommended.


4.00 / 5.00

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