Oh the Horror

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J. Ti
20 years, 10 months ago (Jul 02, 2003)

This game tried very hard to be?evil. Alas, it tried too hard, and turned out like a walk in a charming woods. It?s more of a joke than an game evocative of pure evil.

Okay people, if you want to make a dark game fraught with foulness, sinister empathic emanations and horrible nostalgia, you?ve got to have a hideous bad guy with a genocide in mind. Darkness comes from?creativity. Picture a dark chamber thick with the stench of carrion flesh and littered with metallic torturing tools. See? See the darkness in your mind? An evil plot to murder all of the cities gay men by luring them to a gassing chamber disguised as a free shower club, would work too.

Sorry, but this uh?game gets only 1 point. It claims to be dark, but just isn?t.

1.00 / 5.00

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