Destroy Barney 2

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Bug Report

On board 2, the code which creates the glowing effect for the Palace of Barney also changes the color of the passage leading into it. The problem with this is that the exit out of its destination, board 17, is a white passage. Thus, if you enter the Palace while the passage is white, you will land on the exit out of board 17, and become unable to move to unpause the game to continue.

Board 17 contains 151 stats (including the player), the maximum number of stats allowed on a single ZZT board. Thus, while the board is set to allow the player to fire up to 255 bullets, no bullets will be created until Barney disappears. After this, you can only fire one bullet at a time, no matter how many rounds of ammo you use up. To correct this, you must kill the bears to free up slots in the stat list and allow more bullets to be created. Once the bears are killed, stats 148 and 149 are supposed to disappear and open access to the exit. The problem is that they only check for the presence of the bears once, and then #end instead of #restart. Thus, you can only reach the exit by using the "zap" cheat to erase them.

Finally, exiting board 17 will crash ZZT. This is because the passage's destination, board 18, is corrupted as a result of using the Super Lock, a now-obsolete tool intended to prevent players from accessing boards in the editor at the cost of, among other things, corrupting the last board in the board list. As board 18 is also the intended last board of gameplay, this means it is not possible to win the game without fixing this.

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