Dr. Sam's Big Failure

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King Graham
21 years, 10 months ago (Aug 29, 2002)

More like "Mark Lu's Big Failure". This game, sickeningly short and off-topic from the current 24hozzt contest, has brought me to tears with its painfully bad humor and graphics which will make you attempt to claw your eyes out.

What did this game recieve in the contest? 73rd place? 143rd place? Whatever the judges decided to rate it, I'm sure it was light years higher than it deserved.

The plot of this "game" is something like this:

Dr. Sam, an unlikable scientist from Mason County, NJ, built a death ray to destroy Maine. Note, he did not INVENT the ray, merely built it. You, an archaeologist from Florida, must stop him with a broom.

The game is 2 boards long: One is the introduction, the second is an empty, yellow-bordered room with one character who merely says "GET THAT BROOM AWAY!!", you must quit the game yourself.

It's games like this which make me think something like "TEEN PRIEST" is tolerable.

0.00 / 5.00

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