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Bug Report

Defeating PJ requires the player to collect three pieces of a "PJ Bopper" and combine them to create the weapon needed to destroy him. You find the first piece in board 6, the second piece in board 7, and the third piece in board 8. However, this only works properly if you collect them in order, because only the third piece contains the code that combines them. If you collect them out of order, PJ can never be defeated unless you cheat to set the PJBopper flag (enter "+PJBopper") before shooting him.

Defeating Baby Bop requires you to collect a blanket, a flagpole and a flare gun and flares, in that order, to create a contraption to destroy her with. Once again, only the flares have the code to combine each item when all three are collected, so the proper flag is only set when you collect the items in order. Except even if you do, the flares' code errors out with ERR: Bad direction, because it attempts #if Flagpole then go instead of #if Flagpole then send go in spite of #go being a reserved movement command in ZZT. Thus, Baby Bop can never be defeated unless you cheat and manually set the Shooter flag yourself (enter "+Shooter").

Finally, Barney's programming as the last boss fails to include #zap shot commands in several of its :shot blocks, preventing the battle from advancing and rendering the game unwinnable until they are added. Should these be added to allow Barney to be defeated, the game ends with his code attempting to #give score 100000 (which silently fails because ZZT rejects any #give command that would make a counter exceed 32,767), and then proceeding to #die before calling #endgame, so the player must manually end the game by quitting and cannot record their high score.

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