Chrono Wars 13

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18 years, 11 months ago (Jun 14, 2005)

This game is probably the best in having no bugs (that I could find). This is also one in which you mainly play as Joe, instead of Asher. I really love the storyline as well. The whole plot is based on Time Travel. I would definitly have to say that this is one of the best games I played. I don't normally give games a five unless they deserve it. If you play the whole series, starting with 1, then you really get hooked. Even though this is more laid back than the others, the puzzles are harder, and some are even more fun. However, as good as this game is, it does have it's cons. Here's a breakdown:

Sound: 5/5 You never hear sound if you don't need to, no annoying music while you are playing the level, and in my opinion, perfectly timed.

Graphics: 4.9/5 This was one of the only downfalls. On the Panaxis, the white door nearest to the key dispenser is hard to see. Of course, if you touch everything, then it is quite easy, but for "thinkers" it doesn't quite work.

Mobility: 5/5 Yes, there are some tight spaces, but unless I was getting keys, I never had to move too much. There was that one maze, but it added to it, rather than detracted from it.

Spelling: 5/5 This is one of the two games I've played that has no spelling errors. It has one grammatical error, but it was small.

Programming: 4.9/5 This is the only other downfall in the game. With one object, (and only one, thank goodness) you could not get the Yellow key if you touched it from behind. It said that you had gotten it, but you didn't. I loved the usage of real doors, rather than having to program all of them.

Playability: 5/5 This game is completely playable, no matter what you do, unless of course you get trapped in a minigame. In fact, one you are inside the Panaxis, you can't die!

Overall: 5/5 There are only two games that I hve played that I could play over and over again. Those two games are ESP, and this one.

Closing remarks: We all have our problems, but Chronos30 is one of the few people that learns from them. I never saw a mistake in a previous part repeated in any of the following parts. Last but not least, I wish this series would never truly end. I love it all!

5.00 / 5.00

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