Crash Landing

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17 years ago (May 26, 2007)

It is my profound opinion that the game, Crash Landing (by nuero), is in a fine game and worthy of emulation.

The game's story is pretty well explained in the title. You crash a space ship on a planet. You start by exploring a forest, and finding some surprises, then you arrive at the cave where you will play the bulk of the game. Here you explore a maze and find items to progress further. The maze is some good gameplay, and although I wanted more monsters, the actual layout of the maze was well designed. By the way the walls connect it seems like this maze was drawn before as simple lines. The walls do follow the same pattern throughout and some of their long curves and lack of detail was a little distracting, but this game is really about shooting things, and the best things to shoot are bosses. A few of the bosses are variations on one another but this is fine since the programming and idea is good and the fights challenge the mind enough to tax the reflexes and make for some fine gameplay.

Some vauge puzzles but they are simple and satisfying. A well programed shooting-exploration game.

4.00 / 5.00

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