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20 years, 4 months ago (Mar 11, 2004)

AND THERE WAS. What do you get when you combine nice graphics, a fun game engine, and NINJA MONKEYS? You get Card Prime 2. A nice step up from the old game and the battles are much more fun. The only side note for me is the some what buggy side of this game and the poor ending.


Graphics- I LIKE THEM, however the stuff that I like was made by way of a ZZT utility, thats not cool. But the other stuff is nice looking. The only thing I dont like is the LAST boss battle. UGH, that boss looked SO bad. The step up from this would be the great and all powerfull Ninja monkey! So the graphics were a 3 out of 5.

GamePlay- The game is fun, (once you understand it that is), I thought, at first, that if you face a fire monster then its better to choose a 'water' card. NOT TRUE, the only thing that will do will have the enemy have less attack power and YOU dont have as much ATK power as the enemy so thats not good. I suggest to use FIRE cards when up against FIRE monsters so you can get more hit out of your cards. Also its a good thing to have a nice healing card with you. Anyway, there were no buggs while I was playing in the battles but the 'main menu' where you choose your next battle from that will mess up constantly. =( SAD FACE. So I award the gameplay a 4 out of 5.

Sound- I like the battle music (however it became a little annyoing after awhile. BUT can you guess where the last boss' song came from? It came from Card Prime....the first one....yeah. Anyway, the sound was not "WHOA COOL!" but more like "Cool". So I give the sound a 3 out of 5.

So seeing these scores and to use complicated math equations out of your ability to figure out, I award CARD PRIME 2 a .... 3.5

3.50 / 5.00

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